Youlumi launches linear LED light with connection flexibility for various applications

Oct. 12, 2015
The newly developed Youlumi LED linear light is our original design, achieved with persistence in innovation, environmental protection, energy savings, safety, durability and flexibility. It meets the challenges of multiple combinations for interesting lighting installations and does not exhibit conspicuous darkness in the connections. Various requirements such as multiple sizes, wattages, and brightness are enabled by optimizing all optical and electrical parameters.
In addition, the ability to upgrade the linear LED light is built in so it can serve customers for a longer time without replacement. Through unique and novel combinations and flexible installations, it is suitable for home, office, public and commercial lighting projects. The linear LED light contributes to creating a cozy and vividly lit space and easily meets the lighting requirements of fashion, environmental protection, and energy saving. It is patented in US and China and is DLC, ETL/CETL, FCC, and CE approved.

Features of the linear LED light:
* Various lengths and shapes available
* Wide beam angle, soft light, creates a comfortable lighting environment
* No obvious gaps and dark areas among the connection points
* Brand new linear LED light with minimalism and modern style
* DIY connects in various shapes: T L, etc.
* Surface mount type: ceiling mount and wall mount
* Suspended type: front suspended and side suspended
* The beam angle is rotatable for surface mounted
* Output lumens is twice as much as that of general LED T8 tube
* This is an integrated luminaire, no need for extra fixture
* Through the streamlined design of the structure and the flexible assembly methods, this product can easily build up a unique and fascinating space filled with appropriately placed light and shadow.
* DLC/ETL/FCC/CE approved

Open-plan office, supermarket, showroom, warehouse, residential, commercial, industrial lighting, etc.


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