Commercial LED Lighting Solutions Case Study Series - Restaurant LED Parking

Oct. 1, 2015
Project: Burger King


Exterior lighting consumes a significant amount of electricity for Quick Serve Restaurants (QSRs) that have parking pole lights running dusk to dawn for 12 hours per day. Like many parking lots, this location had metal halide lamps using 456 watts each with the ballast factor. At 4,380h/year the lights each use 1,997 kWh/year. At an electricity rate of $.083/kWh, the lighting cost was $166 per fixture per year and $1,328 across the eight lights.


Independence LED provided a 145 watt LED replacement solution that saves 311 watts per fixture for over 68% savings. Given that the lamps last 60,000 hours, they run for almost 14 years and also save on the expensive replacement cost of changing metal halide bulbs with a bucket truck.


By reducing the fixture wattage from 456 to 145, the annual savings is 1,362 kWh and $113 per fixture. With 8 fixtures, the annual savings is $904. Over the 60,000 hour 14 year life of the LEDs at 12/7, the lifetime energy savings is almost $12,656. With historical 3% average annual increases in energy cost and reduced bulb replacement and maintenance labor, the savings is over $18,600 per location. With 46 locations, the lifetime savings for this franchise owner exceeds $855,600.


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