Voltacon LED supplies and installs 5000 LED T5 tubes for produce packing plant

Oct. 19, 2015
First Phase of Project Complete - Supply and Install 5,000 LED Tubes for Kettle Produce Limited

Voltacon LED is proud to announce the completion of phase one of its lighting replacement and installation project at the premises of the largest vegetable packing firm in the UK.

Voltacon LED partnered with our distributor, Encomm, in supplying the LED lights to Kettle Produce Ltd, fitting and installing them on the firm’s commercial properties in Orkie and Balmalcolm, Scotland. These sites are considered the heart of Kettle’s business, helping them to supply all over the UK’s top supermarkets with fresh fruit and vegetables.

The project is expected to dramatically reduce Kettle Produce’s energy consumption levels, with even bigger reductions expected during the next phase of the operation.

In total, over 5,000 pieces of LED lights were installed at the Orkie and Balmalcolm sites, mainly consisting of T5 and T8 tubes. The installation team conducted a thorough inspection of the sites beforehand, and devised the perfect configuration for producing optimal lighting at a minimum cost in terms of energy consumption.

With the first phase of installation now complete, the rate of energy use at the two sites at Orkie and Balmalcolm has been dramatically reduced. It is estimated that the replacement and installation work will save 500,000kwh each year across the two sites. The company’s carbon footprint has also been reduced by 240 tonnes of carbon per year.

Voltacon LED is committed to a green approach to lighting, an ethos that not only covers the selection and installation of new lighting equipment, but also extends to the disposal of the old hardware. With this in mind, Voltacon were able to salvage and recycle much of the original lighting found on site, greatly reducing the amount of waste subsequently sent to landfill.

Now, Voltacon’s attention turns to the second phase of the project at Kettle’s Scottish sites. We plan to replace all of the external lighting on the two premises, as well as adding extra wall-mounted lights and floodlights. In addition to the energy saving benefits of the overhaul, the additional lighting will improve visibility in the external areas of the two sites and make the areas safer to work in.

At Voltacon LED, we pride ourselves in finding the most eco-friendly and economical LED lighting solutions for our clients. We approach our lighting projects with the diligence and care required to get the job done efficiently and effectively. To reflect this, all of our work comes with a five year warranty, while our rates are consistently amongst the most competitive in the industry.


Patricia Haber, Marketing Director - Voltacon UK Limited