Independence LED provides commercial LED panel lights for quick-serve restaurant

Oct. 9, 2015
Project: Burger King

Lighting consumes a significant amount of electricity for Quick Serve Restaurants (QSRs), especially for ones running 24/7 such as this sample Burger King location. Like many similar Burger Kings that are about 2,400 sq. ft., this one has 35 troffer fixtures that are 2’x4’ with four 32 watt T8 fluorescent tubes, totaling 128 watts per fixture. At 8,760h/year the fixtures each used 1,121 kWh/year. With an electricity rate of $.083/kWh, the lighting cost was $93 per fixture per year and $3,257 for all 35 fixtures.

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Independence LED provided 39 watt 2’x2’ LED panel lights as a replacement solution that saves 89 watts per fixture for over 69.5% savings. The new LED panel lights are bright white 5000K for the kitchen areas and 4000K warmer light to enhance the dining areas.

By reducing the fixture wattage from 128 to 39, the annual savings is 779 kWh and over $64 per fixture. With 35 LED panel lights, the annual savings is $2,264. Over the 60,000 hour 7 year life of the LEDs at 24/7, the lifetime energy savings is over $15,000. With historical 3% average annual increases in energy cost and reduced bulb replacement and maintenance labor, the savings is over $18,000 per location. With 46 locations, the lifetime savings for this franchise owner exceeds $828,000.


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