Oct. 13, 2015
Here we will describe an architectural LED lighting project powered by the products of B LIGHT, leading producer of LED technology luminaires: the Moon House.

Surrounded by the green Venetian countryside, Moon House - designed by Studio N2's architect Simone Gastaldello - is a space that envelopes a traditional villa with its innovative force and its sustainable lightness. Earth gets close to the moon, technology to nature, allowing us to fully enjoy it, finding again spirituality and wholeness. Moon House conveys this all in a living space full of rooms where to relax and meditate.

Moon House builds up an embracing space around a Palladian-style villa: the volume (1000m3 and 350m2 overall, arranged depending on solar radiations and local ventilation) develops on steel pillars that contain every system - thus optimizing the lightness and essential style of the structure - and is made up by a cladding in transparent and suggestive polycarbonate, able to capture the moonlight, giving it back as a natural lighthouse to the whole garden.

The architect called for the use of different types of architectural LED lighting fixtures from profiles such as Inserto 65 F System and Linear Tube 112 MS - perfect to highlight the clean lines and the geometries of the various spaces - to recessed lights such as Inside 60 SQ, characterized by a minimal visual impact for total integration with the architectural details.
In addition, designers made the most of the potentiality of The Magnet Track CL, our magnet surface mounted track, together with Mushroom Small T, our adjustable projector with a magnetic base and an innovative design. Both devices increased the chances to create custom luminous spaces in such an evocative setting. The walls’ length was homogeneously profiled by Inserto Mini T, a linear recessed architectural LED lighting fixture with trim for ceiling and wall, with a powerful light output and an excellent colour rendering index, with custom-made lengths available upon request.
The paths inside Moon House are enhanced by Atlas R, an architectural downlight, with a recessed profile to minimize any glaring effect. To light up the large music room, the designers chose Baster Mini, an adjustable architectural downlight for indoor applications, able to provide a punctuated lit effect. The design of this project, minimal but elegant at the same time, is even more reflected by the use of Okkio 100CL, a cylindrical ceiling luminaire with an extremely neat design, a powerful lit effect and no glaring effect, thanks to its deeply recessed light.

Suspended between antiquity and hypermodernity, between nature and technology, Moon House conveys a momentum packed with sustainability, and is ready to move: exceptional just like a space shuttle, it can actually be dismantled, and is ready to wrap up in a dream another building, ready to follow the man who created it.