Lunera's plug-and-play Helen LED lamp lowers energy cost for Atlantis Casino Resort Spa

Dec. 16, 2015
Nestled at the base of the majestic Sierra Nevada mountains, the Atlantis Casino Resort Spa is a world-class resort destination. They called upon Lunera to bring quality LED lighting to the resort for energy and maintenance cost savings.

The Atlantis Casino Resort Spa, is a 4-star resort located close to the Reno -Sparks Convention Center, Washoe County Golf Course and Nevada Museum of Art. The resort was searching for a high quality lighting solution that would lower its energy and maintenance costs.

“We chose the Helen Lamp because of the large energy and maintenance savings it would deliver to our bottom line. Installation cost and disruption was minimized by the plug-and-play technology of the lamps and the overall lighting effect is very pleasant,” said Jimmie Oaks, Facility Director, Atlantis Casino Resort Spa

The near daylight illumination of Lunera’s Helen LED lamp was an ideal solution to directly replace the 3,000 CFLs used in the resort’s spacious ballroom. The plug-and-play feature of the lamp, made possible by Lunera’s BallastLED™ technology, lowered installation cost and minimized installation disruption. Maintenance costs were virtually eliminated, thanks to the lamp’s long lifetime.

By replacing the existing 35 watt CFLs with Lunera’s 13 watt Helen lamps, the Atlantis Casino Resort Spa realized savings of $58,657 annually in energy cost. Regional utility company rebates reduced the upfront cost of installing the Helen Lamps creating a payback period of less than a year.

Project Results
Number of Lamps Installed - 3,000
Annual Energy Savings - 576,576 kWh
Annual Cost Savings - $58,657

Learn More about Lunera’s Helen Lamp
• 900+ delivered Lumens
• 84 CRI
• 2700K – 4000K CCT
• 13 watts

The Helen LED lamp from Lunera is a plug-and-play replacement for CFL downlights with 4-pin G24q-series (electronic ballast) sockets or 2-pin G24d-series (magnetic ballast) sockets. Simply choose the horizontal or vertical configuration, plug it in like any CFL lamp and enjoy the superior LED light quality and energy savings - there’s no need to bypass the CFL ballast.

Lunera’s BallastLED technology allows you to leverage existing fixtures and ballasts, creating the simplest and most cost effective way to convert to LED. Just plug in the lamp. No need to bypass the installed ballast.

The long lifespan of the Helen Lamp is rated at 50,000 hours, five times longer than CFLs, and is supported by a five-year warranty. The Helen Lamp offers over 50% energy savings and is compatible with 26W, 32W, and 42W CFLs, making it easy to save even more energy.


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