Healthcare high rise leverages Independence LED lighting for 74% energy savings in 24/7 operation

Dec. 16, 2015
Project: Thomas Jefferson University - Edison Building North Tower
Highlights: 24 Story Stair Tower LED Retrofit with Delamping
Address: 130 S. 9th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107
Owner: Thomas Jefferson University (

Opportunity for LED Lights:
Lighting consumes a significant amount of electricity for a multi-story building. Like similar structures, the North Stair Tower at the Thomas Jefferson University Edison Building had inefficient T8 fluorescent fixtures lighting the stairwells. With a 24/7 run time, totaling 8,760h/year, the existing fixtures used 52,560 kWh per year. The $.08/kWh electricity rate resulted in a lighting cost of $4,204 per year, and a annual replacement maintenance cost of $1,600.

LED Lighting Solution:
Independence LED provided a delamping strategy to replace the existing 100 fixtures, each using 60w of energy (after ballast factor), with 50 LED lighting fixtures using 32w each, resulting in a savings of 74%. The external driver and aircraft grade deep fin aluminum heat sinks on the LED tubes provide the robust thermal management to provide a 7-year lifetime at the 24/7 run time, versus the 2.3 lifetime of the existing fluorescents. The new LED lighting also created a brighter, cleaner light.

LED Case Study Results:
By reducing the fixture wattage from 60w to 32w, and cutting the number of fixtures in half from 100 to 50, the total annual savings is 38,544 kWh and $3,084 per year. Over the 60,000 hour 7 year life of the LED lighting at 24h/day the lifetime energy savings is $21,584. The
project also earned a $3,854 rebate from the local energy provider. Thomas Jefferson plans to retrofit the South Stair Tower with our LED lighting products based on the success of this project.

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