Independence LED Lighting Solutions Case Study Series – Public Safety – Fire

Dec. 18, 2015
Project: Treasure Island Fire Rescue
Highlights: First LED Tube Retrofit at a U.S. Fire House
Address: 180 108th Ave, Treasure Island, FL 33706
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Opportunity for LED Lights:
Treasure Island Fire Rescue took a leadership role as the first Fire House in the U.S. to retrofit with LED tubes. The municipality had 600 32 Watt T8 tubes in their facilities. With a 24/7 run time of 8,760h/year, the 4’ tubes used 168,192 kWh per year. At a $.10/kWh electricity rate, the T8 tubes cost $16,819 per year to operate.

LED Lighting Solution:
The Independence LED 15 Watt tubes reduced the energy cost and created an average energy savings of 53% over the existing fluorescent tubes. Plus, the fire fighters no longer have the risk of bulbs burning out on shifts given the long life of the LED technology.

LED Case Study Results:
By reducing the critical 24/7 area tube wattage by an average of 53%, the annual savings is 89,352 kWh and $8,935 every year. Over the approximate 7 year life of the LED’s at 24h/day, the lifetime energy savings is over $61,000. The environmental impact of the retrofit is significant. At the U.S. average of 1.34 lbs of CO2 emission reduction for every kWh saved, the retrofit saves 820,00 lbs of CO2 over the long life of the energy saving LED technology.

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