Dec. 15, 2015
Venture Lighting Europe has introduced a new VLED product to the industrial market as an efficient replacement for all traditional HID and fluorescent high and low bay lamps.

With over 40 combinations available, the VLED Midibay Professional and Elite luminaires are available in a range of outputs, sizes, beam angles and programming options to provide the perfect product tailored to the needs of individual lighting schemes.

Venture’s extensive range of the VLED Midibays are suitable for all industrial applications, including warehouses, factories, indoor sports areas and other large open spaces with a high demand for efficient lighting. The Midibay is available with wide-beam optics for light distributions over a large area as well as narrow-beam optics for targeted projection such as aisles or corridors.

Available in a range of outputs ranging from 67W to 235W, the Midibays feature a high output energy engine and can produce up to 112 luminaire lumens per system watt, delivering savings beyond 70% when replacing traditional luminaires.

Additional savings can be made with the many programmable energy saving options available including PIR sensors and Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI) dimmable programming. The Midibays can be installed to produce constant light for any period of time, with a basic on and off function when they are not needed. Alternatively, a presence detector or daylight harvesting sensor can be installed to ensure that light is only distributed in areas where there is activity, or when there is not a sufficient amount of ambient light available.

The LEDs are also available with an emergency backup option for extra peace of mind should there be a power failure or other similar situations. The backup light will provide sufficient light in such an incident to ensure escape routes can be sufficiently lit.

Manufactured and photometric tested in the UK, the Midibay has a standard 50,000 hour life with a five year warranty. Recent data now allows Venture to state that the expected life of the LED array surpasses 60,000 hours to L80.

The Midibays can be surface mounted or suspended between 4m and 18m with four simple points for wire and chain suspensions. Installed using a simple ‘plug and play’ system, the luminaires offer a quick and hassle-free installation.


Further information on Venture Lighting Europe’s VLED Midibays is available from the company on 01923 692600, or by emailing [email protected] or by visiting the company’s website at