Turkish manufacturer Vestel shines at LuxLive 2015 with LED lighting for indoor and outdoor applications

Dec. 10, 2015
World-leading Turkish manufacturer, Vestel hit the recent LuxLive Show with a dynamic and expansive range of LED lighting solutions, showcasing its potential to offer custom-built and ultra-efficient illumination for both indoor and outdoor applications.

An emerging new company in the world of LED lighting, multi-industry giant Vestel has made quick progress in the EMEA, drawing on its vast business acumen to tap into the commercial needs of retailers as well as those of public exhibitions and local councils.

Vestel showcased its increasingly renowned Ephesus street lights, which have earned acclaim throughout the EMEA, winning tenders in various different countries thanks to their unrivalled efficiency and versatility.

Harasimow explains “Industry-leading, these street lights have really put Vestel on the map, highlighting our capability to create trail-blazing, best in class lighting solutions that can drive efficiency. Vestel Ephesus street lights are 30% more efficient than other standard equivalents, delivering an efficacy of up to 145lm/W. Compatible with numerous smart control devices, they’re also much more flexible, offering a greater variety of options when it comes to their remote control.”


Rita Balestrazzi - for Vestel