Meteor develops 560W high-lumen modular LED luminaire as 1500W MH replacement

June 26, 2015
Meteor has developed the 8-module Tetriss Series LED luminaire, delivering 560W to replace 1500W metal halide fixtures for indoor and outdoor applications. With 100 LPW and lumen output up to 58000, the Tetriss Series now offers alternative floodlight options for a flexible lighting solution, not limited to high ceiling applications.

Meteor's Tetriss Series modular LED luminaire implements the latest cold-forging technology with high heat dissipation material (30% increase in conductivity compared with die-cast material) and improved convection design, enabling each Tetriss module to deliver 7200 lumen output from each compact 5” light engine. Compared with a traditional modular high bay, which utilizes a composite design, the Tetriss Series incorporates aerospace welding techniques to join each LED heat sink, improving structural robustness and lighting performance.

Comprising self-contained modular elements, the Tetriss Series can be specified in four-, six-, or eight-module configurations. Each module maintains consistent performance and efficiency, not affected by wattage. The Tetriss Series allows customers to create lumen packages based on their needs. Available with beam angle options from 9-55 degrees.

With Wet Location listing and IP66 outdoor rating, the Tetriss Series modular LED luminaire is suitable for installation in stadium, natatorium, sports arena, gymnasium, and facade applications, where a high amount of light is required.

To learn more about the design concept of the Tetriss Series, please visit to view the video.


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