Solid Apollo introduces magnetic transformers for simple LED lighting dimming control

June 29, 2015
Looking for a convenient way to add amazing LED lights while still using existing in wall dimmers? The key part required is a low voltage Magnetic Transformer. Solid Apollo LED has carefully designed a new line of dimmable Magnetic Transformers, perfect for powering a variety of LED lights, such as LED strip lights and LED fixtures, while using any common low-voltage magnetic dimmer. Solid Apollo introduced this new line of Magnetic Transformers for customers who want to retain current in-wall dimmers, so as not to change the décor and matching wall switches in a room, and to offer convenience to customers who want to use common in-wall dimmers, such as Leviton or Lutron Dimmers, for dimming control in their future LED lighting projects.

LED lights usually use a pulse width modulation (PWM) dimmer to control the lights, but common in-wall dimmers are incompatible with this as they use magnetic dimming. By using a Magnetic Transformer, it ensures that the signal from the dimmer is compatible with the transformer, so adding beautiful low profile LED strip lights and energy saving LED fixtures is simple to do. “Magnetic Transformers offer convenience and flexibility for taking full control of single color LED lighting systems,” said Manuel Barquin, CEO of Solid Apollo LED, “so when full brightness is required for working and later low brightness as an accent light, using a Magnetic Transformer makes this control very easy to achieve.”

Solid Apollo believes they bring the highest quality and reliability of any Magnetic Transformer on the market for dimming control and backs each of their transformers with an incredible 10 year warranty. The Magnetic Transformers are ETL certified and are perfect for powering both 12V and 24V DC LED lighting systems, ranging from the compact 50W Magnetic Transformer for dimming control of smaller accent lighting projects to the larger 300W Magnetic Transformer for large scale multi-zone LED lighting installations. Dimmable Magnetic Transformers come in either 50W, 100W, 150W or 300W options and are perfect for connecting amazing low voltage LED lighting, whether added to the house, garden or office.

Each Magnetic Transformer comes with convenient and simple connections housed in a rugged and easy to mount design. The compact and flat black finish on every dimmable Magnetic Transformer includes built in mounting tabs for installing on walls or in ceilings for almost completely hidden installations. Each Solid Apollo dimmable Magnetic Transformer can be mounted several ways, either flat, on its side or even upside down, and also include multiple electrical line knockouts so wires can be routed through the most convenient location. Every Solid Apollo Magnetic Transformer also has a simple access door on the top of the unit, so checking that connections are secure or making changes to existing connections is simple and uncluttered.

Each Magnetic Transformer includes simple instructions and extra color coded wiring for easy hassle free connections every time, and is the right way to power low voltage LED lights. And every Solid Apollo Magnetic Transformer has been fully ETL certified. The ETL certification means that after rigorous and extensive testing, each dimmable Magnetic Transformer meets all of the safety, quality and durability requirements for national standards required in homes and business across the United States. Whether choosing the compact 50W or mid-range 150W transformer, the ETL certification is guaranteed to meet the standards set for design and dimming control of low voltage LED lighting, and meets the requirements for health and safety to ensure long lasting and resilient products. The ETL certification brings added assurance to every LED lighting project, whether done by the do-it-yourselfer, or by an electrician or contractor. The rigorous ETL certification process means that each transformer has been tested by a certified independent party and that each Magnetic Transformer meets all published standards.

With a variety of Magnetic Transformers available, bringing power to LED lighting installations is simpler than before. Add dimming control easily throughout the home, such as the kitchen and dining area for under cabinet lighting and pantry lighting, or in the lounge for incredible cove lighting and accent lighting around the entertainment center and book shelves. Even bringing power to the workshop or garage is simple where higher brightness LED lights are required to get projects completed.

Solid Apollo Magnetic Transformers are the perfect complement to any low voltage lighting system where a common low voltage magnetic dimmer is required. Customers can continue to count on the high quality reliable designs, ETL certification and incredible 10 year warranty from Solid Apollo LED.

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