Intermatic Introduces ET Basic+ Series: Electronic Controls for Increased Energy Savings and Productivity

June 2, 2015
Intermatic Incorporated, a leader in energy management solutions, today announces the introduction of its ET Basic+ Series of electronic controls. The ET Series Basic+ offers low maintenance, automated control of interior and exterior lighting, bell ringing, water features, signage and other load consuming equipment.

Designed to meet the needs of schools, small hotels, retail stores, restaurants and small offices, the ET Basic+ Series provides a simple, affordable way to achieve great scheduling control and flexibility. The ET Basic+ supercapacitor backup feature maintains the scheduling function and information carryover for up to 100 hours in the event of a power outage. This eliminates the need to re-program controllers and replace batteries.

Each ET Basic+ model holds up to 96 scheduled events (48 ON and 48 OFF) and up to 50 special scheduled events. Operators have the flexibility to accommodate complex schedules and the capacity to handle future changes and facility expansion. Configurable outputs allow for the ability to combine various types of applications and control these with a single unit.

“The ET Basic+ Series is perfect for facilities with complex and changing schedules that need an easy, low-maintenance way to upgrade their control capabilities,” says Intermatic Product Manager, Eric Eronen. “Time and money-saving features make it affordable for facilities to achieve precise control and enhanced scheduling flexibility.”

Fast Installation, Reduced Maintenance Trips

The automatic voltage detection feature of the ET Basic+ Series facilitates easy, out of the box installations. Contractors can solve their customers’ lighting control requirements quickly and efficiently

The ET Basic+ Series features a USB port to easily copy and paste schedules from one control to another or simply to backup existing schedules.

The LED Compatible ET Basic+ Series carries a UL rating of up to 10 A of Electronic Ballast/LED per circuit and incorporates zero cross technology to prolong the relay life of the unit. It is Title 20 compliant.


Lori A. Bacharz
Intermatic Incorporated
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New Leaf Communications Group, Inc.
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