LG Electronics USA LED lighting helps Davenport University save more than 70,000 kWh per year

June 12, 2015
Leading LED lighting manufacturer LG Electronics has announced an important milestone in its collaboration with Davenport University. LG is supplying super-efficient fixtures across all of Davenport’s campuses across the Great Lakes State as part of a multi-year program to convert existing lighting to energy-efficient LED lighting by 2018. Davenport has already installed more than 600 LG LED fixtures as part of this initiative, including troffers, tubes and cans. Since beginning the LED lighting conversion in 2014, Davenport University already has improved its energy savings by more than 70,000 kilowatt-hours per year at those campuses which have received the LED conversion. As improvements continue across its campuses, energy savings are estimated to increase to more than 1,459,000 kilowatt-hours per year. This will lead to significant monetary savings in addition to the reductions in greenhouse gas emissions as a result of the energy efficiency conversion. “As a university, we are always seeking ways to improve upon operating efficiencies while creating a better experience for our students, faculty and staff,” said Nathan McCormick, executive director of facility operations for Davenport University. “We’re working closely with our partners – Brightview Lighting for its lighting and project management expertise, and LG Electronics for its world-class LED lighting technologies. “The benefits of converting all our campuses to LED fixtures and lighting include contributing to sustainability goals being built into the University’s long-range vision, to better manage energy costs, to create an optimal learning environment for our students, and ultimately to be better stewards of our planet. Unsolicited comments have also been received from faculty noting reduced eye fatigue and headaches stemming from outdated building lighting. Together we have essentially created a win-win situation,” McCormick said. Brightview Lighting, a provider of turnkey lighting solutions, was chosen by Davenport to identify and install the best LED lighting products and solutions that would help the university reach its sustainability goals. Brightview was able to do that through a full audit of all facilities, identifying the most urgent lighting issues, and developing a multi-year plan to address those issues. “For Davenport’s needs, LG’s class-leading lumen-per-watt, uniform light outputs, and customizable warranties made their LED products extremely attractive,” said Brightview president Michael Jasperse. “LG’s lumen-per-watt levels were convincing from an energy savings and increased rebates standpoint. Plus, the availability of cross-purchasing for other Davenport needs like HVAC, video and appliances made LG an attractive partner.” LG’s LED 2’x4’ retrofit troffers are among the most energy efficient available on the market at over 140 lumens per watt*, optimally designed to deliver energy savings of more than 50 percent compared with traditional fluorescent troffers and maintain at least 85 percent luminance at 50,000 hours. This allows for significant energy savings and short payback. The materials incorporated into the troffer ensure lower glare, better light distribution and efficient transmission. LG troffers also provide dimming control by ZigBee wireless communication, enabling easy integration with third party controls systems for even further energy savings. The ZigBee feature allows for installation cost savings and is less expensive to maintain over time. Davenport selected LG’s LED tube, as it is the ideal replacement for typical fluorescent linear light bulbs. The LED tube provides 106 lumens per watt and uses 44 percent less energy than the traditional 32-Watt fluorescent tube. “LG’s family of high performance LED lighting technologies maximizes energy savings while also providing an aesthetically pleasing lighting design,” said Sean Lafferty, head of LG Electronics USA’s LED lighting business. “LG is committed to providing ‘best-in-class’ technology that is 100-percent factory tested for our valued customers like Davenport University.” Davenport, Brightview and LG are looking forward to new ways to collaborate, including the review of other LG products and technologies, Lafferty said. *According to the Design Lights Consortium, the official certifying body for energy efficient fixtures, LG’s 4000k 2x4 retrofit troffers are listed at 140 lumens per watt on the Qualified Products List


Adam Belmont - LG-One