Lucifer Lighting's surface-mount cylinder LED luminaire family features tuned beam optics and three form factors

June 25, 2015
Sleek surface mount cylinder luminaire family expands applications

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS - Lucifer Lighting’s interior/ exterior Cylinder LED luminaire family is highly versatile, featuring adjustment up to 45° tilt and 361° rotation. Its sleek die-cast aluminum body, tapered aperture for increased lumen efficiency, and tuned beam optics contribute to the Cylinder’s best in class technology.

Smaller than any other surface-mounted LED luminaire on the market for the amount of light delivered, this elegant fixture is available in 3 form factors for lumen packages from 1000lm (10W)- 3000lm (33W), in beam spreads from 15°- 60°, in 82+ and 98+ CRI.

Originally the LED luminaire was conceived for surface mount applications, with an integrated driver in the mounting base and a universal reduction collar for junction boxes that would allow for a flawless, uninterrupted mount.

At LightFair 2015, Lucifer Lighting unveiled a range of unique mounting applications for this popular Cylinder family, including:

Custom Matching J-Box
Where there is no plenum space available, this elegant junction box perfectly matches the Cylinder profile for a seamless transition from j-box to Cylinder. Design and Utility Patents pending. Easy to install and accommodates through-branch wiring.

Adjustable Recessed Canopy
This innovative LED luminaire design provides for the driver to be recessed flush with the ceiling plane, leaving just the hinged lower section visible below so the Cylinder looks like it is floating in space. This recessed appliqué accessory may also be used with pendant mount cylinders.

Uplight/Floor Mount
For interior application only, the uplight floor mounting option is perfect for accenting any space. Versitle and adaptable, the fixture can be placed virtually anywhere in the room, using hot-aim adjustment up to 45° tilt and 361° rotation to put light exactly where needed.

Suspended Surface Mount
Available suspended with either braided aircraft cable up to 60" / 1524mm or a tubular stem up to 48" / 1219mm. This configuration of the Cylinder is ideal for high or sloped ceilings, and over tables or work areas. Its internal heat sink remains precision cast as a single piece.

Wall Mount Flange Ooverlay
For wall mount applications, this robust IP67 rated Cylinder features a unique mounting system designed with no visible fasteners.

Wall Mount Zero-Sightline
The wall mount Cylinder is also available in zero-sightline, for a sleek profile, where the mounting flange finishes flush with the wall plane.

About Lucifer Lighting Company
For more than 30 years, Lucifer Lighting has created precision engineered, original lighting solutions with a focus on leading edge technology and aesthetic appeal. Made in the USA, Lucifer Lighting fixtures and systems are favored by architects and designers worldwide, The company is regularly recognized for distinction, and its robust, appealing fixtures are found in installations for five star hotels, distinguished institutions and cultural venues, high end retailers, luxury residences, corporate headquarters and more. Installations of Lucifer Lighting may be found in diverse venues ranging from Goldman Sachs in New York to the Penguins’ Stadium in Pittsburg, from Polo Ralph Lauren in Istanbul to Louis Vuitton Shanghai, from the Armani Restaurant at the Burj Khalifa in Dubai to all the celebrity chef restaurants in Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands, from Las Vegas City Center to the Abu Dhabi Financial Center, from Windsor Castle to the White house, not to mention countless private residences.


Pamela Canales, Marketing Assistant - Lucifer Lighting