Solid Apollo LED introduces LumaBlaze LED light bars for linear lighting applications

June 11, 2015
LumaBlaze LED light bars are the most powerful LED light bars on the market, bringing unrivaled intensely bright light never thought possible from such a compact and low profile LED bar. Each LumaBlaze LED bar produces an incredible 1750 lumens using just 15W of power for high energy savings. The slim and compact LumaBlaze is fully modular with cut points every 4 inches and is made of 2mm thick aluminum printed circuit board using 30 high power 5730 LEDs.

The LumaBlaze LED bar offers similar benefits as LED strip light while being rigid and easy to mount with the included double sided tape. The LumaBlaze is just half an inch wide and a quarter of inch tall for the smallest low profile light bar available. “The LumaBlaze LED bar is a simple high quality design making installation quick and simple for years of intensely bright workable lighting that easy to dim as well,” stated Manuel Barquin, CEO of Solid Apollo LED.

Current LED light bars on the market are much larger and cumbersome compared to the LumaBlaze and nowhere near as bright. The bigger designs and large diffuser covers create a bulky light bar that is difficult to hide and not as subtle for under the cabinet and under the shelf installations. The LumaBlaze also offers a feature no other light bar on the market offers, cut points directly on the bar, so if the bar is too long, it can be cut down in length for a perfect fitting installation.

The modular design of the LumaBlaze allows up to 10 LED light bars to be connected together in a linear format using the simple push down connectors on each end of the LED bar which also make connecting to any 24V DC power source simple. LumaBlaze LED light bars are easy to install in a variety of flat locations using the double sided tape, and for a more professional finish, the LumaBlaze LED light bars can fit easily in aluminum channels. It’s easy to use the leftover LumaBlaze pieces by soldering cables to the solder discs located at every cut point.

The intensely bright LumaBlaze LED light bar is available in three vibrant white colors, Warm White (3000K), Daylight White (4000K) and White (6000K) ready to bring amazing light to a variety of areas. When choosing which LumaBlaze color is needed, Solid Apollo gives these guidelines to every customer. Warm White is similar to the color of an incandescent light bulb with a slight tone of amber in the color. Warm White is perfect for installations with browns and oranges. The Daylight White color is similar to the color of actual sunlight and will not skew any of the surrounding colors, this color is perfect for installations with light and dark colors. The White is the brightest white available and is similar to the color of snow, and will white-out colors surrounding the installation.

The LumaBlaze LED light bars are perfect for use in vending machines, DIY projects, under cabinets, under shelving, and in pantries and closet lighting installations to produce amazing brightness levels. The LumaBlaze is also perfect for task lighting, not only in the kitchen or entertainment room, but also above the bench in the hobby room and in the garage for bright useable lighting.

With the incredible brightness the LumaBlaze has too offer, it is also fully dimmable for just the right amount of light in any installation and is fully compatible with Solid Apollo’s range of dimmers, from in-wall, to handheld wireless dimmers all offering simple control and convenience.

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