Nora Lighting's new LED tape lights offer multiple configurations for linear lighting applications

Offering the industry’s widest selection of LED tape lights, Nora Lighting now introduces three additional models: new White Band for a more contemporary appearance; new Side-Lit, which projects to the side; and new CRI 90+ LED tape lights for more natural color renditions.

The White Band tape is available on Nora’s 24V Standard tape light, Hy-Brite (24V) and High Output (24V). The white band is designed for installations with white or light-toned surfaces as it readily blends in. It also presents better reflectance in channel mountings.

Side-Lit LED tape lights (damp label) have the same performance features as Standard tape; however, the light is projected towards the side, parallel to the mounting surface of the tape. When mounted horizontally under a cabinet, the light is directed towards the back splash with minimal LED image on the countertop.

The 90+ CRI option can be specified on Nora Standard, Hy-Brite and High Output tape lights. It meets Title 24 requirements and emits light producing truer color rendition.


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