Cobright 70W and 80W all in one solar led street light Volkswagen officially for sale to clients

June 16, 2015
It is known that because the solar led street light system is limited by the size of solar panel, so normally the power of the solar led street light system won’t too high power as in 120W as the biggest. And to all in one solar led street light, it especially a big challenge, as you know all the parts as the solar panel, lithium battery and solar controller etc all should be in one body, the engineers not only has to consider the size of the whole body which can be installed on the pole or not, but also they has to consider the problem if the solar panel can absorb enough solar energy to transfer to the battery and then turns to electricity to the lamp.

For our first generation, the biggest power we can do is 40W in 2012, and in 2013 we explore the power from 40W to 50W and 60W. And in this year, we take no more than 1year to explore the available power to 70W and 80W. It is an excellent job!

Let us see how they are,

The new design for the 70W and 80W, adopt SUN POWER high efficiency mono-crystal silicon 18V 90W solar panel, its life time is 25 years, and lithium battery we choose famous brand MOTTCELL which holds for 5years life time. For the LED lamp, our engineer combine the same idea as our new COB series light source for 50W and 60W, the new COB design makes the lamp look like more elegant and fashion, also its chip is high brightness Bridgelux from USA, high lumen efficiency.

Nowadays, all in one solar integrated led street light will be used more and more range based on its philosophy to save the energy of the earth, we believe more and more rural or less power area will adopt Cobright brightness idea to life, and make the world more bright and happy.

Welcome to contact with Cobright for agent for our all in one solar led street light of the world.

Cobright has 6 years experience in manufacturing and exporting LED lighting, such as LED street light, LED flood light, LED high bay light, LED shoebox parking lot light, LED tube light, LED bulbs, LED panels and so on. We now exported to over 80 countries all over the world.

Welcome OEM /ODM with Cobright.


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