Shopping Mall’s Exterior LED Lighting Retrofit Lowers Operating Costs and Improves Safety

Sept. 10, 2015
Les Galeries de Repentigny in Repentigny, Quebec is a 192,000 square foot mall, owned and operated by First Capital Realty Inc., Quebec’s leading owner, developer and manager of grocery-anchored urban properties.

First Capital identified the mall as in need of an exterior lighting upgrade. They turned to Concept Illumination to meet their objectives of reducing energy consumption, lowering maintenance costs and improving safety and visibility at the location.

The upgrade saw the replacement of all lighting and mounting hardware on the exterior of the building and in the parking lot, including thirty-two new 275W LED pole mount fixtures complete with mounting arms to replace high-pressure sodium luminaires, twenty-three 45W LED wallpacks to replace 175W metal halides, thirty-eight 18W LED PAR38s to replace 90W halogen lamps, and twelve 18W LED PAR38s to replace 100W recessed metal halide lamps. A 40ft, rusted pole was also replaced.

Thanks to the energy-saving and lifetime-extending benefits of LED technology, the renovation at Les Galeries de Repentigny resulted in a significant reduction in electricity and maintenance costs, saving close to $11k annually for First Capital. A further $6k incentive rebate from the province’s energy provider, Hydro Quebec, was granted as part of an energy efficiency program that encourages businesses to upgrade their existing lighting systems.

High-efficiency DLC-listed luminaires ensure quality and reliability, and include a 10-year warranty.

The project also saw a significant improvement in safety measures, helping to reduce liability in relation to theft or personal harm. The newly well-lit parking lot and store-fronts make it easy to see both people and vehicles, and improve security-camera footage in the event of an incident.

The retrofit at Les Galeries de Repentigny has proven itself successful. Daniel Herz, the project lead at Concept Illumination, is proud that the mall’s updated look, improved safety standards and cost-savings have increased tenant satisfaction. “It is nice to breathe new life into this location. The effect that good exterior lighting can have on a location is significant. The feedback that we’ve received from the mall’s tenants has been outstanding, which makes us very happy,” said Herz.

Concept Illumination handled all aspects of the retrofit, including cost/benefit and photometric analyses, product specification and sales, as well as on-site installation and energy rebates. It was the fifth First Capital project that Concept Illumination has been contracted for.

In order to partner with First Capital Realty, Concept Illumination needed to be accredited by Contractor Check, an independent third-party health and safety pre-qualification accreditation program for contractors. Assessed and approved at the time of their first project, Concept Illumination has just had their accreditation renewed for a second year.

“Concept Illumination provides great service and a great value for the money,” said property manager, Paul Courtemanche. “In all our projects, they have proven themselves an excellent partner. We are very satisfied with the work done at Les Galeries de Repentigny; everything is perfect. ”

About Concept Illumination

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