Edge Lighting introduces new Cody 2 LED fixture for art display lighting

Nov. 26, 2015
CHICAGO, ILLINOIS: North American lighting manufacturer Edge Lighting is revolutionizing picture displays with its sleek Cody 2 LED Picture Light. Low-profile and highly adjustable, the Cody 2 LED fixture casts uniform illumination with no UV, IR, or use of mercury. The 95+ CRI LEDs are on par with museum grade lamps, and cast a 3000K warm-white light that brings out the brilliant colors in artwork. Available in 6 or 12 inch shade lengths, the Cody 2 LED Picture Light consumes only 6 or 12 watts while displaying wall hangings in exceptional light.

The Cody 2 LED Picture Light offers many convenient features, such as LEDs with 20 years of maintenance-free operation, and a slim body that mounts easily to most frames or walls. Fully dimmable and vertically adjustable up to 90 degrees, the Cody 2 LED fixture adapts easily to the needs of diverse artwork or displays. With a low cost of operation and easy installation, each Cody 2 LED Picture Light provides simple, yet high quality illumination in either a canopy or plug-in version. Top lighting showrooms across the nation, including the Lightology showroom in Chicago, are proud to display the 2014 Good Design Award-winning Cody 2 LED Picture Light beside other innovative designs. Simple yet stunning, the Cody 2 LED fixture provides contemporary fashion while ensuring that artwork is beautifully and efficiently illuminated for years to come.

According to Edge Lighting president Greg Kay, “As an avid art collector myself, I was unable to find an LED fixture that would illuminate a painting and bring out the brilliance of its colors. With the advent of Lumileds new high CRI LED of 95 and with an R9 value of 72 (best for reds in the painting), it is as close to natural lighting as you can get, so it was time for me to design the best picture light you can get. I chose 3000k (the same color of light as Halogen) to help bring out the blues and greens in the paint. I also want the light beam to be even with no glare from the LED chips, so I designed it with a reflector to bounce the light in an even spread. The reflector can be adjusted for different thickness size frames and it is available in two different sizes for picture frame sizes up to 32 inches wide. The reflector shape is more transitional to match a contemporary or a transitional frame design. Like most of the Edge Lighting products, I created this adjustable, high-quality, fashionable LED fixture to bring a solution to a basic lighting problem.”


Edge Lighting