Upshine LED batten for T8 replacement features emergency backup power and motion detection sensor

Nov. 4, 2015
Upshine TLankin LED batten delivers a comprehensive range of linear LED luminaires incorporating a range of lumen outputs across 3 luminaire lengths. Options include non-maintained emergency backup and motion detection sensor to maximize energy savings.

There are two basic types of emergency lighting luminaires - maintained and non-maintained. What is the difference between maintained and Non-maintained luminaires?
The terms maintained and non-maintained are used to describe the mode of operation for an emergency lighting luminaire, and the decision on which mode of operation to use is determined by the use of the premises.

Maintained emergency luminaire
This is a luminaire in which the emergency lamps are lit all the time. Maintained mode is generally employed in places of assembly such as theatres, cinemas, clubs etc. The lights are typically dimmed when the premises are occupied, and the emergency escape lighting prevents total darkness.
Non-maintained emergency luminaire
This is a luminaire whose lamps only come on when the power supply to the lighting fails. Non-maintained lights are typically found in the work place where artificial lighting is normally deployed whilst the premises are occupied.
The classification of maintained and non-maintained mode of operation can be further broken down or defined with the following classifications.
- Motion sensor
The sensor supplies a simple energy-saving solution to use light only when and where you need it. It automatically switches on/off light based on motion and ambient light level.

* With sufficient light, the lamp doesn't switch on.
* With insufficient ambient light, the sensor switches on the lamp when motion is detected.
* After hold time, the sensor switches off the lamp when no motion is detected.


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