Syhdee releases back-lit and edge-lit LED panel for modern commercial lighting

Nov. 25, 2015
Syhdee has released its next generation LED panel light, the back-lit plus edge-lit series. The new LED panel light is designed for entry into the American and European markets, focused on office and commercial lighting applications.

The LED panel light is both back-lit and edge-lit, with dimming and non-dimming available. Square and rectangle shapes with various sizes can be applied in different markets.

Back-lit LED Panel Features:
Although today the edge lit LED panel is more popular than back lit LED panels, the back lit LED panel is still on the market because it is able to produce adequate light. The back lit LED panel is the prevailing ceiling light in schools, offices, hospitals, etc.

The back-lit panel adopts high quality glass fiber LED modules as the light source, a PMMA light panel, and detachable LED driver as the power supply. To improve luminous efficacy, the back-lit LED panel uses a nano-grade diffuser for total luminous efficacy up to 120 lm/W.

One problem might occur in lighting applications: Since the direct-lit LED panel is able to project illumination across the full range of the light panel from the front, the light emission might be strong and striking with more than needed light output. To solve this problem, Syhdee's back-lit LED panel is designed with powder-painting on the surface and reduced LED quantity to smooth light output.

Edge-lit LED Panel Features:
To reduce cost and soften light output, the edge-lit LED panel light is designed as a more economic lighting solution. Today edge-lighting is prevalent in recessed ceilings, where it is able to perform better than back-lit (direct-lit) LED panels.

Structurally, the new generation edge-lit LED panels are constructed with an aluminum frame and light panel. It uses high efficiency PMMA light guide plates and nano-grade diffusers, which makes it optically energy efficient in lighting. Moreover, since LEDs used in the edge-lit panel are placed at the edges, light is not output in a straight-forward pattern but re-directed to the viewing surface; this makes light output smooth and soft. And compared to back-lit panels, the edge-lit LED panel is thinner.

This new LED panel has passed UL FCC examination; DLC audit is underway. For more details about Syhdee's next generation LED panel please view