Luxonic LuxLink Wireless lighting control system monitors occupancy and daylight for energy savings

Jan. 16, 2015
Luxonic’s LuxLink® Wireless control system significantly increases the sustainability of lighting schemes by combining multiple technologies to reduce energy consumption. Various sensors detect occupancy and measure available daylight to ensure energy isn’t used for lighting purposes unnecessarily and comply with the European standby power directives for stand-alone luminaires and those that relay data information as part of a networked system.
The LuxLink® Wireless system is built into the luminaires allowing simple installation and provides emergency self-testing, energy monitoring and daylight linking features among others. The wireless control is particularly effective in large open areas such as warehouses and factories as the lighting scheme can be quickly adjusted to suit the ever changing needs of the industrial environment.

The luminaire mounted wireless control system reduces the amount of cabling required in the lighting installation and contains only three cores, therefore uses less copper wire increasing its sustainability. This also allows for easy retrofitting as the luminaires simply attach to the existing system with no additional wiring or control system panels to install.

The LuxLink® Wireless system uses surprisingly few components that include PIR sensors suitable for varying heights, Android tablet loaded with LuxLink® Wireless software for configuration and programming and a wireless network bridge for communication between the tablet and luminaire transceiver modules. These are available in the basic formats of dimmable, with or without relay. The dimmable option ‘with relay’ avoids standby power being consumed while the ‘without relay’ option avoids relay noise from the luminaire when switching On and Off.
Wireless communication is achieved through transceiver modules built into the luminaire along with PIR sensors that detect occupancy to initiate the Off to Dim feature which allows a basic level of lighting to all areas when unoccupied.

The LuxLink® Wireless system is suitable for installations up to 12 metres high and uses back mounted lux sensors to measure the amount of available daylight and adjust the light levels accordingly to reduce unnecessary energy consumption by utilising natural light resources while ensuring appropriate light levels are maintained. The ability to monitor energy usage with calculations using information based on how long the luminaire has been on and its power consumption, further adds to its environmental and sustainable benefits.

Each luminaire can be programmed for priority control allowing the sensors to be overridden using a switch or a fire alarm contact connected to a transceiver module, particularly important in the event of a fire or other emergency when the lighting is required to go to 100% or shut down completely. Group control allows the automatic On, Off to Dim or Off actions for a group of similarly programmed luminaires. This allows luminaires to be individually programmed according to position within the premises which are then grouped for logical control operation.


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