Terralux LED downlight retrofits are Energy Star certified

Terralux LED downlight retrofits are Energy Star certified
Terralux LED downlight retrofits are Energy Star certified

Ultra-efficient and long-lasting, Terralux downlights outperform CFL downlights

LONGMONT, Colo. -- Terralux revolutionary D Series LED retrofit kits have received ENERGY STAR® Certification. Buildings can also take advantage of utility rebate programs to offset the initial investment.

Terralux LED downlight retrofits are Energy Star certifiedTerralux LED downlight retrofits are Energy Star certified

“We are pleased to announce ENERGY STAR® Certification,” said Matthew Sallee, Strategic Marketing, Terralux. “Utility rebates can cover 20–50% of the project cost, making Terralux D Series as affordable as just replacing the lamp and ballast. It’s a fantastic time to upgrade your downlights to Terralux LED.”

Terralux LED products are designed for commercial installation and maintenance-free operation. The D Series is backed by a 7-year warranty that covers installation in any light fixture for 24-hour/day operation, including sealed, lensed, or outdoor fixtures. Over a quarter million Terralux LED retrofit products have been installed with a total run time of over 1 billion hours.

“Our new warranty program allows our customers to amortize their lighting investments over a longer period,” said Erik Milz, Vice President of Sales, Terralux. “Reliable engineering in the D Series downlights delivers on the zero-maintenance promise of LED.”

The D Series downlights are rated for 24-hour/day installations and maintain over 70% of their initial output over 60,000 hours of operation. LEDSense® thermal management in the patented driver design protects the LED fixture even in extreme conditions. D Series downlights connect to either 120 VAC or 277 VAC.

Light outputs range from 900 lumens (replacement for an 18-watt CFL) to 3400 lumens (replacement for dual 42-watt CFLs). Battery backup and reflector options are available. Additionally, the energy consumption of the D Series downlights is 50-75% less than comparable pin-based CFL fixtures. The D Series fixtures are designed and manufactured to ISO9001 standards.

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