Litesheet releases AC-direct 277V Brik and Stik Series LED lights

Jan. 29, 2015
Bedford, VA: LiteSheet Solutions LLC announces that MET Labs approval has been granted for operating the Brik and Stik series of AC Direct lights at 277 Volts. The MET approval means that the luminaires have been tested to Underwriters Laboratories (UL) test specifications for replacement and new installation LED light fixtures.

The LiteSheet product line was originally approved for 120VAC operation by MET labs in 2013. “In working side by side with our industrial and commercial partners, we saw the increasing need for a product like ours that operated at 277 Volts out of the box,” recalls Roger Whyte, LiteSheet CEO. “We were able to expand our existing product line to a higher voltage AC direct design without sacrificing efficiency or lifetime.”

The Brik and Stik Series offer a wide range of linear lights from 18 inches up to 84 inches long in a range of color temperatures and power output ratings. Using the BriteCor™ AC Direct drive technology, the luminaires are capable of producing over 130 lumens per watt with a MTBF of 450,000 continuous hours. It is the first AC Direct luminaire able to withstand power spikes up to 5000 volts without external suppression. For more information on this amazing technology visit their website at

About LiteSheet Solutions, LLC

LiteSheet Solutions, LLC, is an innovation company that develops and commercializes lighting products for the general lighting market. The founders have combined their extensive knowledge of lighting technologies and manufacturing processes to create highly efficient lighting with reduced production costs. The result is the most economically favorable, environmentally friendly, and sustainable LED lighting available.


Doug Flanders - Litesheet

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