Aamsco Lighting files patent infringement cease-and-desist order against Bulbrite

Jan. 23, 2015
Aamsco Lighting, Inc. has filed a cease and desist order against Bulbrite for infringing on their design patent for their S14s LED.

Aamsco has successfully developed an LED replacement for the incandescent Linestra and Philinea lamps that have been discontinued. The design patent was filed in 2012.

Marketed as the ALINEA LED, it is offered in 3 sizes and fits into existing ALINEA wall sconces with no modification necessary.

Bulbrite had been marketing and selling the same product without Aamsco’s permission. Any future attempts to manufacture and/or sell an S14s LED by any company in the world will be met with legal action.

About Aamsco:
Aamsco Lighting has been providing innovative lighting solutions for companies around the world. Our factory has been manufacturing unique luminaires since 1982 and now produces quality, innovative lighting products for the millennium.
Aamsco Lighting carries a wide variety of specialty lighting products to meet the need of any industry; commercial, hospitality, retail or residential customers. Our range extends from miniature lamps to special fluorescents of all sizes to the latest in LED technology.


Bob Rosenzweig - Aamsco Lighting

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