Steinel introduces motion sensor-driven outdoor LED luminaires

Jan. 23, 2015
Market leading lighting sensor technology specialist, Steinel (UK) Ltd, is introducing the L 825 LED iHF range of sensor-switched lights for outdoor applications. Ideal for building frontages and entrances, the new range of downlighters takes advantage of cutting edge microwave sensor technology, making it unique among exterior light fittings.

The Steinel iHF range combines trendsetting technology, user-configurable functionality and classic design in a perfect alliance to deliver exquisite lighting to entrance areas with particular aesthetic appeal. At the heart of the units, and integrated completely out of view, is the intelligent high-frequency (iHF) sensor. This provides a coverage angle of 160° and a detection range of 1–7 m that triggers the activation and deactivation of warm-white light without any delay whatsoever.

The up to 7 m detection range is important for outdoor security. Being able to sense motion at long distances is where high quality motion detectors shine. The colour of the light from the L 825 LED iHF is 3000K/SDCM3 (Ra ?80 colour rendering), while brightness is 400 lm.

Intelligent motion detection
The intelligent detection system demonstrates its high level of functionality by distinguishing human movement patterns from those of small animals, only switching the light on (automatically and instantaneously) when it is really needed. Needless to say, this delivers significant scope for energy savings. The light will also switch off again after a preselected time that ranges from 5 seconds to 15 minutes. Adding to the list of advanced features, is manual override for four hours as well as 10% basic light level, which can be activated whenever required. Twilight threshold is also adjustable.

Another major benefit of Steinel iHF sensor lights is maintenance-free running, thanks to some extent to the active and passive thermo-controlled LED cooling system. Used for an average of 4.5 hours per day, the powerful yet energy-efficient Steinel 12 W LED lighting provides a life expectancy of a good 30 years (50,000 hours), resigning the cost and effort of bulb changing to the history books.

Sustainable technology
Ultimately, the high-quality, weatherproof, IP44-rated materials, as well as the energy efficiency (33.3 lm/W) of this ultra-modern, sensor-switched downlighter are the essence of lighting sustainability. The units, which measure 95 x 331 x 157 mm (h x w x d), are supplied as standard with a three-year functional warranty.

Peter Lawrence, Managing Director of Steinel (UK) Ltd, says: “Classic outside, future inside, our intelligent sensor and LED technology ultimately delivers more quality of life, more safety and security, and more energy savings. The L 825 LED iHF exterior downlighters are designed to enhance any building front or entrance, without the high energy costs or maintenance activities associated with conventional alternatives.”


Peter Lawrence - Steinel (UK) Limited
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