Stefano Dall'Osso develops lighting design that enhances architectural details at Torre al Guado residence

Jan. 6, 2015

In 2014 Stefano Dall’Osso engaged in a lighting project of Torre al Guado, a private residence set in the middle of the wonderful landscapes between the Italian regions of Marche and Umbria.

The lighting design project involved the whole complex, fully highlighting its internal and external spaces.

Outdoors, the lighting intervention was aimed at emphasizing the particular architectural structure of Torre al Guado. The light studied for the entrance archway, the boulevard, the courtyard, the swimming pool and the whole historical building allows arousing curiosity even at a distance and gives an evocative and immediately recognizable image to the structure that is immersed among the colours of the vegetation and the marvellous landscapes of the Umbria region.

Through a perfect combination of the use of cutting-edge technologies, maximum control and knowledge of the potentialities of light, Stefano Dall’Osso has been able to design a lighting project that joins safety and respect for the original old structures. Actually, at night, light can reveal details that during the day are integral part of the surrounding environment and highlight spaces giving them a new perspective. A carefully studied lighting is able to show the external walkways and the different paths to follow, guarantees safety and exalts the beauty of the external structures. The task of the Lighting Designer extended even to the internal spaces of the building. The light of the swimming pool, of the health spa, of the corridor and of both the two floors of the annex, is aimed at accompanying guests from a room to another, without making the environment look dull and offering a warm and captivating atmosphere, thus maintaining a constant harmony of comfort, maximum flexibility and fruition. Moreover, this lighting format can prolong in a very smart way the time for experiencing the place, giving the possibility of staying longer in it and pleasantly enjoying the refined mood of the different environments, even during the night hours. Finally, special care must be reserved to the topic of energy saving. All the light fittings that have been chosen for the lighting project of Torre al Guado, are environmental friendly and contribute also to a substantial economic saving regarding consumption and maintenance. STEFANO DALL’OSSO BIOGRAPHY Born in Fermo, in the Marche region, in 1963, when he was a child, he dreamt of becoming anything but a Lighting Designer. It always happens that way. But at that time there were not even proper technological conditions to think about doing this job - which has a lot in common with technology. One day, something turned on inside of him, and after that he had no doubts: he would become a Lighting Designer. Everybody has his own enlightenment, after all. He began as a Lighting Promoter for a company in the Lombardy region. This was in 1986, when the Centre of Italy was moving towards the North. After four years, a company in the Marche region, world leader in lighting, hired him to deal with consultancy and technical assistance, design and promotion. That was a wonderful experience. In 1994, he was employed in the “lighting” commercial department of a company in Porto San Giorgio, and later became a partner. In the region where he lives, the Marche region, opportunities in this field were growing day by day. In 1997, he became manager of the lighting design department of a commercial group in Macerata. After only four months he inaugurated an efficient Lighting Division. That was an effervescent period in which light was both technique and culture. In 2000, he set up his own business dealing with consultancy, design and work supervision of lighting systems. The office has grown rapidly, but not hastily: the internal collaborators have increased in number; clients today form a long and international list. Besides the main office in Fermo, Stefano Dall’Osso can also boast an office in Malta and one in Dubai. Those who work with light can never be pessimists.


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