FusionBrite releases linear LED trunking system

Jan. 19, 2015
LED linear lighting is quite different from other luminaires; it needs specialized rails to form the LED linear lighting system. The rails integrate all the linear lights and become a trunking system.

As the perfect replacement for traditional linear and fluorescent tubes in the market, LED linear lighting is widely used in supermarket, office, warehouse, and other commercial and retail lighting applications. Because of its special efficiency and multi-function capabilities, it can be used in specialty applications.

FusionBrite LED linear lighting is the first intellectual LED linear light in the China market; we have built some unique design and functions into the luminaire, which makes it more practical.

Regarding the main spec of this LED linear light, please check the following parameters:
1. Length: 60 cm and 150 cm
2. Wattage: 60 cm - 16w, 26w, and 32w; 150 cm - 45w, 65w, and 80w
3. Efficiency: 130 lm/w
4. CRI: RA = 80
5. 3 phase
7. 5 wires, 7wires and 11 wires
8. Dimming: DALI, PWM, and switch
9. Sensor: Daylight, microwave
10. Emergency
11. Connector: L, X and T
12. Multi-angle: sharp, narrow, wide, flat, asymmetric and double asymmetric

To meet all kinds of requirements from our customers, we have three different color options - white, black, and silver. The internal LED driver, designed by FusionBrite, has nearly similar specs to the Tridonic LED driver. The driver is a core part of the whole luminaire; our aim is to offer good quality products.


Steven Chang - FusionBrite

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