Longshine engineers LED high-bay lights with SMD LED light source array

Jan. 27, 2015
LONGSHINE is established by a passionate and potential creativeengineering team. We commit to the development of high-quality, easy-to-use and cost-effective products.

Currently, we are working on high-wattage and high luminous efficiency LED high bay lighs, downlights, aquarium lights, and full-spectrum grow lights. We only provide high quality products; all raw materials are from carefully selected suppliers. The LED chips are original brand manufacturer provided. The product's cooling effect is well managed. The case temperature is controlled around 40 degrees and the substrate temperature about 80 degrees. The cooling effect is unmatched.

Power: 50 watt (100W/120W/150W are also available)
Input voltage : AC85V~265V
Models: A & B

Using an SMD LED light source array for Model A, a microlens array was employed in the secondary optical design and optical properties of the package were studied using Trace Pro. Optical lens beam angle is 90 degrees and 120 degrees is optional; the illumination at 5 meters distance is 220 lux. Both models operate with a high conversion efficiency (up to 88%) power supply.


Amy Chen - Longshine Technology Limited

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