Cobright's smart solar integrated LED light becomes a beacon in rural China villages

Jan. 30, 2015
In September 2014, the newly installed Cobiright solar integrated LED street light illuminated both sides of the main road of the rural Sanyuan village, Hanshou town of Hunan province, China. It will now provide automatic illumination at nightfall; from now on, the quiet village is no longer dark.

China's domestic solar energy resources are rich; the total reserves and reserves per unit area are among the highest in the world. Solar street lighting is an active segment of the photovoltaic industry, because the lighting can directly use the solar energy power generated without expensive long-distance transmission cables. At the same time solar street lights have many other advantages, such as automatic operation and voltage security, etc. In recent years, based on the national demand for green lighting, it quickly has occupied the market in all parts of the country and become in part the replacement for traditional street lighting.

Sanyuan Village is remote small village which is located in the west of Hanshou county. The permanent resident population is large but the infrastructure is relatively backward; there had been no street lamps installed so the whole village was dark at night, especially in poor weather. For villagers travel at night was very inconvenient. Due to the traffic dangers, installing street lighting has been the main desire of all villagers.

"We wanted to install street lights many years before, but because the village economy is very poor and the street light and the installation costs are not small, and the burden of electricity to drive the lamp wasa big problem too, the plan was delayed again and again. In final, as a result of the research into Cobright solar integrated lights and the government policy for green LED lighting service support, the whole village determined to choose the no-wire, sun-powerd integrated light,” Liao Jizhi, on behalf of SanYuan Village villagers, said.

Cobright's solar integrated lights have been chosen by other villages in China, like Sanzi village of Huangshi town, the downtown of Ganzhou and the No. 4 Ruijin Middle School, etc. Solar integrated lights have become a shining star in the LED lighting field.

Cobright Technology Co. Ltd., is a new energy high-tech company for R&D, production and sales of solar integrated lights. We have focused on the research and production of new types of solar outdoor lamps; now we have product appearance and utility model patents, and independent research and development of multifunctional photoelectric technology, intelligent control, and infrared sensing technology. This has put us far ahead of peers, emabling product differentiation from others.

We warmly welcome cooperation with customers at home and abroad.


Serena Xie, Marketing Director - Cobright
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