Qili's 125-lm/W LED high bay features lightweight carbon fiber body

Aug. 5, 2015
With high luminous efficiency, better heat dissipation, small size and light weight, our latest LED high bay light is a better choice for large space lighting, such as airport lighting, warehouse lighting, gymnasium lighting, etc.

1. High luminous efficiency 110~125LM/W
The luminous efficiency of conventional type LED high bay light can usually reach 70~80LM/W. This type of 40W LED high bay light could replace a conventional 70W light with the same lumens, resulting in further 42% energy savings.
Optional light source: Osram, Epistar, San'an

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2. Better heat dissipation with carbon fiber
Carbon fiber is adopted for thermal management. The thermal resistance of carbon fiber is 40% lower than aluminum while its weight is 25% lighter. Its heat resistance could reach 400°C, thus it is suitable for high power LED lights working in high temperature environments.

3. Small size and light weight
Safer installation and convenient transportation - The bigger and heavier the lamp is, the greater the risk during installation and the poorer the wind resistance and vibration resistance ability of the LED high bay. Thanks to the good thermal performance and light weight of carbon fiber, this LED high bay light is much smaller and lighter than a conventional LED high bay light adopting an aluminum body, which contributes to safer installation and a further freight cost savings. As mentioned at the beginning, a 70W conventional type LED high bay light and this new 40W LED high bay light have the same lumen output, while the new light has the advantage of being about 1/8 the size and weight of the conventional type.

Input voltage: AC100~240V
Power: 30W/40W/60W/80W/100W
Power factor: 0.9
LED source: Osram, Epistar, San'an
Luminous efficiency: 110~125LM/W
CRI (Ra): >80
Color temperature: 2700~7000K
Beam angle: 150°
IP rating: 20
Material: Carbon fiber & PC
Life span: 35,000 hours
Base: E27/E40

Size information
~168*210mm 30W/40W 0.5kg
~228*316mm 60W/80W/100W

Shanghai Qili Photoelectricity is a manufacturer specializing in manufacturing LED lights for 5 years. We supply TUV-CE/UL certificated LED tubes, and have been exporting our products to the US, UK, Finland, Germany, the Netherlands, Japan and many other countries.


Seven Qiu, Oversea Sales Manager - Shanghai Qili Photoelectricity