Greentek LED lighting systems generate savings of EUR30,000 for parking areas in Europe

Aug. 31, 2015
Greentek installs LED lighting systems in the parking areas of Băneasa Shopping City, Coresi and Europe House Bucharest – Greentek LED Lighting, producer and provider of LED lighting systems, completed in 2015 several LED lighting projects for underground and outdoor parking areas, in the case of existing shopping centers and office buildings, generating annual savings of up to 30,000 for one parking.Interested in more articles & announcements on lighting? Greentek provides LED lighting systems for both new parking areas and retrofitting projects, in the case of existing shopping centers and office buildings. In such spaces, the lighting system is used over long periods of time, so that the owners can obtain important savings after having implemented a LED lighting system. “Owners wish to obtain two results from the lighting systems they install in both shopping centers’ parking areas and office buildings’ parking spaces: offer their visitors or employees a safe parking space, with a uniform light and radically reduce energy costs,” said Victor Cotrutz, Greentek CEO and founder. “In such a parking space, lighting systems are on between 12 and 14 hours every day, or even 24/7 in the case of an underground parking space. For example, we recently delivered an intelligent LED lighting system for the underground parking space of Băneasa Shopping City in Bucharest, that led to savings of around euro 27,000 per year,” added Victor Cotrutz. The underground parking space of Băneasa Shopping City has around 20,000 square meters and 680 parking lots. Also on the retail segment, Greentek implemented a LED lighting system in the outdoor parking space of Coresi Shopping Center in Brașov that includes 2,400 parking lots. In this case, being a new project, Greentek designed and implemented a lighting system that includes 450 LED lighting fixtures. Consequently, savings come from both using an intelligent LED lighting system and a smaller number of LED fixtures. The demand for LED lighting systems comes more and more from owners of office buildings, an example being CA IMMO, one of the biggest owners of office building in Romania. CA Immo decided to change the existing lighting system in the underground parking of Europe House, in Victoria Square, Bucharest. The underground parking of Europe House has 100 parking lots that are now equipped with 160 Greentek latest generation LED lighting fixtures. For underground parking spaces, Greentek can also implement the intelligent lighting system called CorridorFUNCTION, which illuminates corridors only when this is necessary, based on previous settings. Thus, certain areas of the parking can only be lighted upon the passing – by of a car through that particular space, and the intensity can decrease according to the moment of the day and the day-night and night-day transitions. CorridorFUNCTION leads to additional savings of up to 50% in what energy is concerned. About Greentek LED Lighting Greentek LED Lighting is a Romanian company that developed in recent years a unique research, development and design package for LED lighting systems, for the following segments: industrial, retail, office and public. Greentek’s vision is to offer efficient turnkey solutions for all lighting projects, producing lumino-technical studies. Greentek owns an ultra-modern laboratory that is unique on the Romanian market. The cutting edge LED lamps are produced in Romania, according to each client’s needs. Greentek products are CE certified. Greentek products are manufactured in Iași and are delivered on English, French, German, Israeli, Polish, Romanian and Russian markets.


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