OK LED's 150W HiCloud LED high bay project with zigbee wireless control in Estonia

Aug. 13, 2015
Energy saving is very important point for LED high bay. Some factory or warehouse have skylight. So, how to choose a suitable product?

One of our Estonian customer would like to order OK LED's HiCloud LED high bay with Motion sensor , daylight sensor & Dali control for a new project, in this situation, we recommend our Zigbee HiCloud to him, it is very easy to operate, the most convenient and energy saving for this project.

He ordered the samples for testing for 2 times, finally he decide to order 80 pcs in 2 times.

The factory is 7m height, we installed 40pcs 150W 120degree HiCloud zigbee high bay with one pc zigbee daylight sensor. The customer was very satisfied with the result.

Main benefits:

1, Wireless control.

2, We can control it by Mobile phone, PC, Remote control.

3, Could be controlled individually or in group.

4, Zigbee daylight sensor control.

5, HiCloud is the first wireless control high bay in China, really high performance.

About OK LED Lighting Limited:
OK LED specializes in the high power industrial LED lighting field, and supplies top performing products. We know what the market needs. What is more, all of our products are produced via private tooling, and are unique in design. We have more than 40 experienced engineers to ensure product improvement. OEMs and ODMs are also welcome.

For more detailed information and price list for HiCloud zigbee high bay, Please contact us, We will send you video and some introduction.


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