Espen Technology releases ballast-compatible LED T5HO lamps

Aug. 17, 2015
Santa Fe Springs, CA | Espen Technology, a leading manufacturer of LED and fluorescent products, has released a new high-performance line of LED T5HO lamps that are ballast-compatible. T5HO are the most efficient fluorescent lamps in widespread use, making LED T5HO the ‘last frontier’ in LED tube replacements. Espen’s new LED T5HO’s provide over 50% power savings when they replace fluorescent 54W T5HO lamps.

“When our LED T5HO replaces F54T5HO, it matches the mean light output of the fluorescent lamps,” said John Clancy, VP of sales at Espen. Clancy continued, “The ROI and short paybacks have made this retrofit very attractive to the commercial market place. This is one more innovative LED solution from Espen.”

The 4’ LED T5HO, plug-and-play lamps are part of Espen Technology’s Retroflex line, designed to match the performance and form factor of 4’ fluorescent lamps that they replace. The LED T5HO lamp is compatible with electronic T5HO fluorescent ballasts, so no rewiring is needed during installation.

The LED T5HO Retroflex lamp features a shatter-resistant diffusing tube that provides uniform and seamless light along its 4’ length. Distributors and end users appreciate the long life, high CRI, instant on, UL listing, 4 year warranty, and compatibility with controls and sensors.

The new 24W 4’ lamp models provide 2,700 lumens and an industry-leading 112 lpW lamp efficacy. They are offered in 5000K, 4000K, and 3500K CCTs, 83 CRI, 40,000 hour life rating, and 180 degree beam angle. The integrated driver is hidden within the tube endcaps to improve thermal management and eliminate dark spots.

Detailed product information and specifications can be found at: This product is available through Espen Technology distributors and is shipping from the company’s Southern California distribution center. For more information on where to purchase the product or how to become a distributor, please contact John Clancy, VP of sales at [email protected].

About Espen Technology
Espen Technology Inc. is a company dedicated to designing and manufacturing high quality, high performance energy efficient lighting components, including LED and fluorescent. With operations and facilities across the world, Espen Technology offers competitive products with the highest quality. Head-quartered in Southern California, Espen Technology is able to offer personalized sales, expert technical support, and efficient logistics to all of our customers. LED and fluorescent products are designed and perfected with pride in the United States.


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