ThinLight Technologies releases the “TileLight” – decorative lighting for where higher Color Rendering Index (CRI) lighting is required.

March 24, 2015
Lakeville, MN, March 24, 2015: ThinLight announces the release of the new TileLight, a decorative bi-directional LED light panel for retail displays that mimics a “living room feel” and creates a more enjoyable shopping experience.
ThinLight is proud to announce the release of their new TileLight, a series of LED lighting products designed for specific lighting applications in retail stores, studios, or anywhere high color rendering index (CRI) lighting is required to create more vibrant colors. A higher color rendering index (>90 CRI) creates a more natural light spectrum and produces brighter colors which in turn create a better shopping experience. TileLight LED light panels are thin, customizable, and are the most even light source on the market. TileLight can be installed quickly and easily and because TileLights use LED lighting, they are more energy efficient than standard light sources.

TileLight uses ThinLight’s patented laser etching technology to deliver an even light across the entire panel. TileLights will soon be available in 1 foot by 4 foot and 2 foot by 4 foot panels. Both sizes transmit light directly and in-directly. Each panel can be hung from the ceiling with adjustable stainless steel cables and can be customized for taller ceiling spaces. Our LED lights have no dark spots and are rated at 100,000 hours, a longer lifespan than most products on the market.

ThinLight uses the latest flexible circuitry and ensures quality by soldering each LED rather than using adhesives which can fail after repeated temperature changes. Our LED panels are stress-tested, and each panel can withstand extreme vibrations and temperature changes ranging from -55°C to 125°C. TileLight panels are also easy to clean and maintain.

About the Company
ThinLight Technologies is still the only true “Made in America” LED acrylic light panel company that designs, builds and assembles all of the components used in each light panel they build. By building all of their own electronics, laser etched optical-grade acrylic, metal extrusions, ThinLight is able to produce a product that can withstand typical shop environments and still be in use for years to come. As the leading provider of LED side-lit light panels, they deliver the most evenly lit, clearest and brightest LED panels on the market. ThinLight’s commitment to quality and excellence has made them the LED light provider for some of the largest companies in North America.

This year, ThinLight plans to announce several new products that will deliver the same great quality their customers have come to expect. ThinLight continues to be committed to the industry by investing in new products and services while remaining competitively priced.

More information about ThinLight is available online at or by contacting Roger Ritten at ThinLight Technologies, Inc.


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