Litetronics offers 2x2-ft LED troffer retrofit kits for linear fluorescent replacement

March 16, 2015

• Newest model of Litetronics® LED Retrofit Kit delivers savings of nearly 50% using existing recessed or surface-mounted T8 or T12 fluorescent troffers.

• LED Retrofit Kit installs in under 5 minutes. Patent-pending “rare-earth” magnet system attaches to troffer and allows “hands-free” installation.

• Long-lasting LED operating system more than doubles that of T8 or T12 U-shaped fluorescents, up to 85,000 hours.

New Product Introduction: A new 2x2-ft LED Retrofit Kit expands Litetronics® innovative patent-pending system that easily converts conventional 2x2-ft T8 or T12 U-shape fluorescent ceiling troffers to much more energy-efficient linear LEDs. Result is an inexpensive, energy efficient, ultra long-life, maintenance-free interior lighting system a wide variety of commercial, industrial and institutional end users. In each case, the 2x2-ft LED Retrofit Kit economically reuses a facility’s existing ceiling troffers.

Design: Litetronics® In-House Design and Engineering team. Manufacturer: Litetronics® International, a U.S. company supplying state-of-the-art lamps and lighting products to commercial markets for more than 40 years. Product Applications: Litetronics® 2x2-ft LED Retrofit Kit delivers superior energy savings and operating life compared to linear fluorescents. It provides the evenly distributed, flicker-free luminous white-light output sought for today’s office and other commercial buildings, retail stores, manufacturing plants, medical facilities, schools and warehouses, for professional specification and installation. Product Description: A single Litetronics® three-lamp 2x2-ft LED Retrofit Kit consuming a mere 32 total watts, replaces typical U-shape linear fluorescent T8 lamp systems using 56 - 60 watts, while matching lumen output and light distribution. With a rated operating life of 85,000 hours per Litetronics® unit, facility owners and operators enjoy near 50% energy savings or more compared to T8 U-shape linear fluorescents, throughout more years of use. Litetronics® 2x2-ft LED Retrofit Kit is UL listed, DLC recognized and backed by a 7-year factory warranty. Installation of the Litetronics® 2x2-ft LED Retrofit Kit is swift (three minutes typical retrofit, start to finish) and easy. It greatly reduces labor cost of complete fixture replacements or other LED retrofit kits. After removing lamps, ballast cover and ballast, Litetronics® one-piece 2x2-ft LED Retrofit Kit literally pops securely into the existing troffer housing. It is permanently held in place with Litetronics® patent-pending “rare-earth” magnetized system, allowing a hands-free completion of installation and connection. Litetronics® 2x2-ft LED Retrofit Kit takes the guesswork out of fluorescent troffer retrofitting for professional lighting specifiers, lighting distributors and contractors alike. This 2x2-ft LED Retrofit Kit is a completely autonomous one-piece unit, suited for 120v to 277v systems. It avoids all time and costs of removing and recycling perfectly good ceiling fluorescent-troffer housings. The Litetronics® Retrofit unit is UL and DLC (Design Light Consortium) listed, RoHS compliant and available in 3500K, 4000K or 5000K color temperatures. Click on the link to view a video showing how easy it is to install Litetronics® patent-pending LED Retrofit Kit. Contact Information: Litetronics® is now located at its new, expanded facility; 235 E. 171st Street, Harvey, IL 60426.


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