b efficient America debuts ReadyFit LED T8 tube for linear lighting replacement

March 5, 2015
Slash LED retrofit installation costs with the new b efficient ReadyFit™ LED T8 tube.

No rewiring, simply insert, twist & go!

After two years of testing and product development, b efficient America, a global, full service green energy company, announces the release of the new ballast compatible ReadyFit LED T8 tube. This amazing product fits directly into any fluorescent T8 fixture in the exact same way a standard fluorescent tube would.

The versatile ReadyFit LED T8 tube can be installed with the existing ballast in circuit with no rewiring or fixture modification required, also when directly connected to an AC power supply in 100V to 277V if desired or to qualify for rebates requiring ballast removal.

The b efficient ReadyFit LED T8 tube requires no fixture modification. It is as simple as changing a tube! Absolutely no rewiring, or fixture retrofit adjustment.

It complies with California Title 24 when installed with the existing ballast in circuit, where installation is as simple as changing a tube!

About b efficient America
b efficient America is a global, energy efficient solutions provider offering high performance, and robust clean technologies. With offices in San Diego, Honolulu, Sydney, Hong Kong & Shanghai, the business specializes in the manufacture and supply of LED lighting solutions, energy retail, energy management, solar farms, procurement and supply of premium energy efficient products.


Joe Dowling - b efficient America

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