LED Rebates Available in America-Syhdee New Compatible T8 Directly Replace Fluorescent Lamps

March 11, 2015
SYHDEE's 2nd generation compatible T8 tube was released this new 2015

Second generation compatible t8 tube is ellipse designed. Compared with
1st generation compatible tube, ellipse led tube compatible is broader on
luminous output and higher on light efficacy with the advantage of no
light spot. The highest luminous efficacy can reach up to 147lm/w(clear lens). Compatible t8 tube is compatible with electronic ballast, totally 40% energy saving.

Currently, this 2nd generation compatible t8 tube is focused on North
American marketing. Although compatible LED tube is still considered as
one transitional product, yet it is now difficult to find one entire mature lamp to substitute for traditional ones. Lighting revolution needs long-time
undergoing. Moreover, LED tube lights compatible with electronic ballast can
be directly installed with no rewiring, which saves lots of installing cost in
USA. That is why compatible LED tube lights is very popular in America during these years.

Another important reason is concerned about LED rebates in America. According to American market report , many states in North America have carried out LED rebates policy . LED direct replacement lighting program has been phased out in nearly whole states in America.

However, utility rebates could be very complicated to be conducted in
America. There are many different rebates which are available for different
products, of which LED rebates vary by different types in the meanwhile.
Additionally, there are more than 3,000 utility companies across the
nation, which has their own rebate operation process.

New compatible t8 led tube has passed UL certificate, DLC is being auditing.
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