GEB's Lighting launches Storage LED High Bay E40 base socket easy screw and low weight

GEBright releases its Smart Series LED high bay light with an E40 base socket (SMF-14-S08).

LED high bay features:
1. Osram S5 3030 light source, high brightness, 120lm/W, AR SMD, larger light-emitting area with uniform illumination
2. High quality aluminum, spray paint exterior, fin-based heat dissipation, good cooling effect ensures a long working life
3. Multi-angle lens hood, 60°/120° are available, suitable for lighting 4-15 meters high
4. IP67 waterproof, isolated constant-current power supply, excellent power supply design and processing technology, using the first-line brand components, guaranteeing LED high bay lights work stably for a long time

Highway, street, road, bridge, tunnel lighting
Warehouse, factory, aloft work, logistics park lighting
Underground parking structure, shopping center, commercial building lighting

Basic parameters:
Item Type Power(W) Flux Color Temperature Beam Angle Demension(mm) Base Socket Body Color
SMF-14-S0820 20 2000lm(max) 3200/4500/6500k 60°120° ?145*180 E40 Silver
SMF-14-S0830 30 3000lm(max) 3200/4500/6500k 60°120° ?165*180 E40 Silver
SMF-14-S0850 50 5000lm(max) 3200/4500/6500k 60°120° ?180*200 E40 Silver
SMF-14-S0870 70 7000lm(max) 3200/4500/6500k 60°120° ?200*210 E40 Silver
SMF-14-S08100 100 10000lm(max) 3200/4500/6500k 60°120° ?200*210 E40 Silver


Shirley, Sales Director - GEBright Optoelectronic Tech Co., Ltd


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