Civilight North America offers 11 new Energy Star qualified LED lamps

March 6, 2015
Replacement lamps for architectural, professional and commercial applications

Cary, North Carolina – Civilight North America is proud to announce that the LED lighting innovator now offers 11 new LED lamps that are listed on the ENERGY STAR® list of qualified products; with 12 additional models pending approval. Offered in three series, Architectural, Professional and Commercial, Civilight’s LED lamps push the boundaries of CRI and R9, while maintaining the efficacy and lifetime required for ENERGY STAR certification.

“We are excited to continue adding more lamps to our ENERGY STAR qualified offerings for the North American market,” said Jeffrey E. Lagaly, CEO of Civilight North America. “We are proud to offer additional high-quality, energy efficient LED products that qualify for substantial utility rebates throughout the United States.”

Civilight’s lineup of ENERGY STAR-qualified products now includes:

• The Architectural 19-watt PAR38 with smart heat sinking design replaces a 100-watt halogen in new or existing recessed downlight fixtures, a savings of more than 80 percent in energy consumption. The ENERGY STAR-qualified models include the 3000K lamp in 25-and 40- degree angles and the 2700K model with a 25-degree angle. The smooth dimming LED lamp offers a high 95 color rendering index (CRI) and delivers up to 1250 lumens of glare-free light for 40,000 hours or more.
• Ideal for ambient and accent lighting in track light and recessed downlight applications, the Commercial 16-watt PAR38 offers a 40-degree beam angle in 2700K and 3000K CCTs. Saving 80 percent or more in energy, the 16-watt lamp replaces a 90-watt halogen lamp, while delivering 950 lumens and a high CRI of 92. The dimmable lamp features smart heat sink design to maintain the lifetime of the lamp to 25,000 hours or more
• The Professional 19-watt PAR38 in 3000K with a 25-degree beam angle offers a high 90 CRI and delivers 995 lumens for the long 25,000-hour lifetime. The 90-watt halogen replacement lamp offers smooth dimming for ideal ambient and accent lighting in recessed downlight and track light fixtures in commercial and residential applications.
• The smooth dimming Architectural 14-watt PAR30L is equivalent to a 75-watt halogen lamp in recessed downlight and track light fixtures in commercial and residential applications. Offered in a 25-degree beam angle, the 2700K and 3000K CCT lamps are now listed on the qualified products list. The glare free lamps offer smooth, even dimming and deliver up to 800 lumens for 25,000 hours or more, all while producing an excellent 95 CRI.
• Offered in a standard candelabra (E12 base), the Architectural 6-watt Clear B11 in 2700K CCT replaces a 40-watt incandescent, savings 85 percent in energy consumption. The dimmable lamp is ideal for chandeliers and pendant lights in homes, hotels, restaurants and other commercial and retail applications. The dimmable lamp features patented optical design with a clear cover, while delivering 330 lumens for 25,000 hours or more.
• The 3000K CCT Architectural 10-watt HALED MR16 in 25- and 40-degree beam angles is a 45- watt halogen equivalent, saving more than 75 percent in energy consumption. The sleek black lamp in a GU5.3 base features Civilight’s patented HALED design and delivers glare-free light with a high 95 CRI and up to 510 lumens.

Civilight anticipates that 12 additional models will be included on the ENERGY STAR qualified products list in spring/summer 2015. These models include: the Commercial 10-watt 4-inch Downlight in 2700K and 3000K; the Commercial 12-watt 5/6-inch Downlight in 2700K and 3000K; the Architectural 10-watt HALED MR16 in 4000K in 25- and 40-degree beam angles; the Architectural 14- watt PAR30 in 2700K and 3000K; the Architectural 13-watt PAR30S in 3000K; the Professional 13-watt BR30 in 2700K; the Architectural 4.5-watt LED Diamond B11 in 2700K; and the Professional 3-watt LED Crystal B11.

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Sharon Katz, Director of Marketing - Civilight