Lumentek Global introduces universal DLC certified LED T8 tube replacement

March 19, 2015
A new LED replacement tube for T8 & T12 fluorescent lamps will change all that has been written to date about LED T8 tube system comparisons. Lumentek Global (an American Company) manufactures a DLC certified LED T8 tube that works with a ballast (Ballast Friendly) or without a ballast (Direct Wire). The advanced circuitry allows the LED T8 tube to operate on most instant start, rapid start, and program rapid start electronic and magnetic ballasts. In the event that the LED T8 tube does not work with your ballast or if the ballast should ever fail or begin to hum in the future it can then be wired direct to line voltage, bypassing the ballast. Thus, Lumentek’s Ballast FriendlyTM LED T8 product is a true “universal” replacement tube that’s as easy to install as a light bulb without the concern for future ballast replacements.

Not only does the BFDW Series negate the need for ballast replacements but it solves the problems common with all ballast compatible LED tubes. The problem with all ballast compatible LED T8 tubes is that they will not work with some ballasts, or even worse, they will operate the lamp but not efficiently. In these cases wattage and light output can vary dramatically. The Lumentek BFDW series LED T8 tube solves this problem by first working with all the ballast types and the most models. Second, any non-compatible or underperforming lamp/ballast combinations can be resolved by wiring them direct.

“We believe the benefits of the BFDW Series are best valued by the end user,” said Lumentek Global CEO Sanwal Sarraf. “We make it a priority to design our products to meet our customers’ needs.”

The Ballast FriendlyTM LED T8 tube with exclusive “Drive By” circuitry achieves a respectable 118 lumens per watt, >80 CRI, 50,000 hour rated life and is available in 18 and 21 watt versions. The LED replacement will even work side-by-side with fluorescents on the same ballast, allowing for spot replacement. For the first time there exists a universal replacement lamp that is easy to install, safe, highly efficient and provides a single replacement item by eliminating the need for high voltage circuitry from the ballast

“From an installation perspective, whether you are an ESCO, contractor, end user or distributor, the BFDW series will work in any situation, thus eliminating inventory, costly audits and contractor call backs,” commented Lumentek Global VP of sales and marketing Paul Hennessy.

Lumentek Global believes in the traditional manufacturer/representative/electrical distributor relationship knowing that the expertise of each party is a value the market deserves. Lumentek is currently seeking representatives and distributors across the country for their distribution network.


Paul Hennessy, VP Sales & Marketing - Lumentek Global
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