ERCO Starpoint pendant, wall-mounted and surface-mounted luminaires

March 24, 2015
Be it trendy bar or design hotel, with regional, concept or haute cuisine: Every meal should be served in an ambiance which turns the experience into a memorable occasion. Lighting plays a key role in this, as it subtly creates atmosphere and defines spaces. The ERCO Starpoint range of luminaires offers the perfect support: The slim pendant luminaires produce brilliant accents on tables and bars while adding a decorative eye-catcher, whereas the wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted luminaires set the mood throughout the room.
Starpoint pendant, wall-mounted and surface-mounted luminaires demonstrate a mastery of linear elegance blended with superior photometric properties. The innovative lens system creates a beam of extraordinary precision. A special feature of the Starpoint pendant, wall-mounted and surface-mounted luminaires is their Extra wide flood characteristic: The exceptionally wide yet very uniform beam originating from a surprisingly slim housing creates an intimate atmosphere with good visual comfort.

The architectonic luminaire offers high functionality combined with subtle decorative effects. Available in black, white and stunning polished chrome, the pendant luminaire makes for a discreet or striking feature depending on its setting. Versions with a translucent ring on the underside, visible only when illuminated and seemingly elongating the cylinder add a fascinating shimmer. As a result, the luminaire trim creates a compelling contrast to the matt black or the mirror-finish chrome of the housing. With its compact dimensions, Starpoint is particularly suitable for small spaces with low ceilings.

Powerful photometrics in filigree form
The real innovation is in the photometrics. Even experienced designers may be surprised that a compact light source such as the Starpoint wall-mounted and pendant luminaires can produce an oval beam of such exceptional width. Specially developed for LED technology, the compact lens system combines a collimator designed to focus the light with a dispersing Spherolit lens resulting in a highly precise, uniform and efficient beam for rooms with a ceiling height of up to 3m. With a maximum load of 8W, Starpoint is an incredibly economical lighting tool. The lens system excels with long life, robustness and a very high light output ratio.
The luminaire is available with DALI and therefore can be adjusted precisely to produce the required level of brightness.

Linear elegance for restaurants and homes
Developed with a slim design for versatile use, Starpoint is great for illuminating restaurants, bars, bistros and hotels whilst also being at home in residential settings. Available with different distributions, Starpoint suits diverse lighting situations creating a cosy ambience. The compact luminaire dimensions make Starpoint particularly interesting for use in small rooms and narrow hallways. Whether in black, white or polished chrome – the elegant shape of Starpoint and the translucent ring add an eye-catching feature that lends itself to combination with materials such as natural stone or wood for a compelling contrast.

Versatile lighting tool
The Starpoint pendant and wall-mounted luminaires are particularly suitable for rooms with low ceilings and in situations where they are suspended close to the target surface, in other words, above tables and bars. As a wall-mounted and surface-mounted version, Starpoint is ideal for the washlighting of objects and room zones such as tables, reception desks, seating areas, or a bar section. With oval flood characteristic, the lighting tool generates linear illumination for long tables or in hallways and corridors. On the wall, Starpoint produces striking grazing light which accentuates the surface texture on walls and the architecture.

The Starpoint range also includes recessed luminaires. For relevant press information please contact Arno Heitland [email protected] or Nina Reetzke [email protected].

Technical features of Starpoint

ERCO lens system: Spherolit lens, collimating lens made of optical polymer
Light distributions: Wide flood, Oval flood, Extra wide flood
8/18 Watt
ERCO LED module: High-power LED on metal core PCB,
light colours: warm white or neutral white, 3000 or 4000K
Control gear: Switchable or DALI dimmable
Housing: Aluminium profile, powder-coated or chrome-plated


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