Lumibright expands LED spotlight portfolio with recessed Grain series fixture

The Grain series LED spotlight has been designed and developed with a Sharp LED chip in an elegant and compact body which gives 50,000 hours of stylish lighting. In this series, it offers many options in terms of the model and type of LED spotlight which is most useful in indoor lighting recommended for various applications in bedrooms, kitchens, washrooms, living rooms or studies. It is an easy to use recessed LED spotlight, available in fixed as well as adjustable fixture options to focus the light in your preferred direction.

Its IP rating enables you to protect against solid objects over 1.0 mm and also protects when liquid is sprayed from any direction, enhancing the utilization of these spotlights to give an amazing effect to the interior of your house. Having a waterproof rating, it can be used in areas where protection from water, steam and dust is required. Completely designed and built in the UK, the Grain series LED spotlight is available in three different color finishes - white, black and silver - with the LED chip having three color temperatures: cool white, natural white, and warm white. The LED provides a vast color profile and less heat production which does not add to the environmental temperature. It consumes less energy which can lead to huge savings every month. Being durable, reliable, and long-lasting, LEDs can operate for a staggering 60,000 hours; a consumer would have to buy from 10 to 20 halogen bulbs just for one socket.

The Grain series LED spotlights consist of an easy installation plug with a locking hub which stops the cable from moving. There is a heat sink for thermal management and connecting the frame and body. The lens is installed under the cover with a special spring, collecting and outputting the light . Moreover, the stunning design adds charm to your lighting experience.


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