OPTILED introduces Six Star, the most powerful MR-16 LED

May 14, 2007
Date Announced: 14 May 2007OPTILED announces its latest, most powerful MR-16 halogen replacement yet, the 6-watt "Six Star." Producing more than 150 lumens of light via an array of pointlight LEDs, the Six Star is the latest example of OPTILED's continued success in bringing innovation from the laboratory to the marketplace. "One of the main hurdles you have to overcome in LED lamp development is the heat generated within the device," says Anthony Wong, head of product development at OPTILED. "The ingenious leap our engineers made with the Six Star was to create multiple layers of LEDs rather than place all of the LEDs in a single plane. This has allowed us to pack more individual LEDs into one form factor without the problem of overheating. This is a major step in our effort to allow our customers to enjoy the benefits of energy saving LEDs without having to give up performance."The Six Star's features include a GU5.3 base, an overall power of approximately 6 watts, and a projected life of more than 35,000 hours. Light output is more than 150 lumens of homogenous light at a 60-degree beam angle. The Six Star is engineered to handle the variations in voltages that "noisy" power supplies can produce. Warm white and cool white are the first colors available for the Six Star. The remainder of the LED color spectrum (red, amber, green, and blue) are soon to follow. OPTILED projects a dimmable version of the Six Star will be available in Q4 of 2007.OPTILED projects that lighting designers and architects will use the Six Star extensively for accent or display lighting in museum, retail, residence, and entertainment applications. While OPTILED's other MR-16 halogen replacement lamps have filled niches where conventional lighting were impractical (where the LED's compactness, low heat-emittance, and vibration resistance made them the better alternative), the Six Star's relatively high lumen output will allow it to compete with conventional lights on performance alone.

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