Color Kinetics unveils latest innovations at Lightfair

May 7, 2007
Date Announced: 07 May 2007 COLOR KINETICS TO UNVEIL LATEST INNOVATIONS AT LIGHTFAIRLaunches eW(TM) Cove Powercore as a price/performance breakthrough in white LED lighting, Provides preview of forthcoming downlight to generate 600 lumens with high efficacy for general illuminationBoston, MA -- May 7, 2007 - Color Kinetics Incorporated (NASDAQ: CLRK), a leading innovator of LED lighting systems and technologies, will showcase its latest innovations this week at Lightfair International, May 8 - 10, at the Javits Convention Center in New York City (booth 944). Slated for preview are four additions to the company's EssentialWhite(TM) product line, which is designed to deliver the inherent advantages of LED sources for common white light applications that don't require digital intelligence. The product series incorporates Color Kinetics' proven expertise in LED technology, efficient LED drivers, mechanical and thermal engineering, optics and binning management - providing simple LED solutions that meet specifier-grade standards. With the new additions, the expanded series accommodates specialized applications today, such as interior alcove, display, task and medium-luminance downlighting, while representing another step in Color Kinetics' accelerating migration path towards general illumination. Slated for availability in June, eW(TM) Cove Powercore is a compact linear fixture that delivers 5X the efficiency of common incandescent click-strip lighting. According to Color Kinetics' calculation*, an eW Cove Powercore installation outperforms the incandescent alternative with at least 150 lumens of output, one fifth the power consumption, and roughly one third the total cost of ownership. eW Cove Powercore also boasts the advantages of Color Kinetics' proprietary power management and dimming technologies, which translate to greater operational efficiency and ease of use. It utilizes Powercore® technology to directly accept line voltage, which eliminates the need for an external power supply and thus significantly reduces installation cost and complexity. It also allows runs of up to 100 linear feet on a single circuit. Unlike most white LED light fixtures, eW Cove Powercore is capable of very smooth dimming via standard line voltage dimmers, making it easily adaptable to existing lighting environments. This is uniquely achieved with Color Kinetics' DIMandT technology, which allows LED lighting devices to interpret standard dimming signals, essentially allowing the dimmer to become a control interface to the device.These and other ease-of-use features make eW Cove Powercore well suited for supply by distributors, who can stock and sell the fixtures in the same manner they do conventional sources. The product is designed to accommodate various applications, such as interior cove, accent and display lighting, light boxes and other tight spaces. It will be available in 12" and 6" lengths, and in color temperatures of 2800K and 4200K.The following products will also be previewed at Lightfair, with availability slated for later this year. All utilize Powercore technology to accept line voltage and are compatible with standard line voltage dimmers.eW Downlight SM Powercore - a sleek, competitively priced downlight with output of at least 600 lumens for general illumination, and an overall fixture efficacy of greater than 40 lumens per watt - exceeding California's Title 24 requirements. Unlike typically larger downlights with conventional sources, its low-profile, surface mount housing allows for easy and unobtrusive installation in wide-ranging interior environments - mitigating the common challenges associated with installing fixtures into shallow recess depths.eW Task Powercore - a low-profile, linear fixture for common under-cabinet lighting applications. eW Graze Powercore - a linear fixture designed for exterior architectural lighting, wall washing and grazing.Compared to their incandescent or halogen counterparts, EssentialWhite products boast energy efficiency, long source life, durability, and lack of radiated heat and UV emission. They are therefore well suited for areas where conventional light sources are impractical, such as tight or heat-sensitive spaces, in harsh or vibration-prone environments, and where frequent maintenance and lamp replacement are undesirable. They are available in a range of fixed color temperatures to suit varying applications.The new EssentialWhite offerings supplement Color Kinetics' versatile range of white light products, which extend from simple single-color devices to advanced systems with color temperature control, covering a range of output levels. Specifiers therefore have a broad palette of white with which to illuminate spaces - whether to create ambience through variable color temperature or to accentuate architectural details or displays with "plug and play" LED lamps. In addition, Color Kinetics will showcase a range of its newly launched and best-selling RGB systems at the show, demonstrating the dynamic customization of environments with sophisticated control. This will include the Lightfair debut of iColor® Accent Powercore, an entertainment-ready evolution of Color Kinetics' popular iColor Accent fixture. It's ideally suited for creating seamless columns of color and color-changing effects, yet it breaks new ground with control resolution down to 1.2" increments. This precise level of control makes the product well suited for forming large low-resolution video walls in entertainment and architectural applications.Product images and/or renderings are enclosed in the press kit CD and available upon request.*Taking into account initial fixture cost, lumens per foot, wattage per foot, kWh Consumed Per 50k Hours, Energy Cost ($0.094/kWh), replacement and labor costs over 50,000 hours of life.

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