EpiValley starts 30x2 inch LED epi-wafer production

May 15, 2007
Date Announced: 15 May 2007 The LED manufacturer EpiValley in Korea has announced the successful introduction of the novel Thomas Swan Close Coupled Showerhead CCS 30x2 inch reactor into its production facilities in Kwangju City, South Korea. EpiValley, a long-term customer of AIXTRON, published recently that it had commissioned the world’s most productive MOCVD system for production of GaN based LEDs and has succeeded as the first company world-wide to produce high brightness blue LED epi-wafers on this tool.To date the largest reactors for GaN based LEDs mass production were qualified with 18 to 24x2 inch capacity - however, EpiValley succeeded in a very short period of time to qualify and start mass production using the 30x2 inch Thomas Swan CRIUS MOCVD System. EpiValley's plan is to manufacture LEDs for side view application in mobile phones.DJ Park, President and CEO of EpiValley, said: "Using this system we have a big advantage with respect to quality and productivity, which allows EpiValley to compete within the huge LED BLU and Lighting market."With 12 MOCVD Systems already in operation, EpiValley has the largest manufacturing capacity in Korea. This has even been extended with the qualification of the additional 30x2 inch MOCVD System.The term CRIUS® is a registered trademark. The term Close-Coupled ShowerheadTM is a trademark.


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