CAO Group exhibits versatile lighting uses of Dynasty integrated power LEDs

May 9, 2007
Date Announced: 09 May 2007 CAO GROUP LIGHT FAIR EXHIBIT DEMONSTRATES THE VERSATILE USES OF DYNASTY INTEGRATED POWER LEDS IN LIGHTING APPLICATIONS. The CAO Group, Inc., the Utah-based lighting innovators, are demonstrating a variety of applications for their Dynasty™ LED series at 2007 Light Fair (Booth 2675), including MR16 applications, camping lights, ceiling fan lights, linear lights, candelabra lights, porch lights, garage lights, refrigerator lighting, incandescent lighting, and others. The demonstrations show that the Dynasty line is a versatile, effective and ideal solid state lighting source due to unique features like being easy removable and serviceable, choice of panel or socket mounting, 360º beam pattern, high lumen output, hermetically sealed, RoHS compliance, and no secondary heat sink. Architectural lighting designers will be not only particularly attracted to the huge range of Dynasty features, but also to CAO’s ability, new since the last LightFair, to offer 50 to 100 lumens per watt, up from the prior range of 50 to 70 lumens. "High brightness is only the beginning,” says Densen Cao, the company’s founder and CEO. “It’s the combination and integration of unique design features that makes the appeal of Dynasty LEDs so obvious for general lighting applications. The fusion of mechanical and optical engineering in the Dynasty series simplifies the integration of LEDs into lighting applications with results pleasing both to specifiers and end users." Users especially like knowing the bulbs are replaceable, even though their extended life span typically renders this feature redundant. (The feature remains important in LCD backlight applications where being able to replace a single lighting element can be a significant product maintenance enhancement.) Dynasty integrated power high flux LEDs use proprietary phosphors and smaller-than-usual LED chips, for cool-to-the-touch operation, from 50-100 Lumen/Watt in a typical white unit, at a lower-than-expected cost per lumen. CAO Group also offers the lights in blue, cyan, green, yellow and red. Color temperatures for white range from 5000K to 7000K. The 3-D lead frame design (U.S. patents 6,465,961, 6,746,885 and others pending), enables screw-in and twist-in mounting, as well as conventional surface mounting. The design provides superior optical flexibility with its 360º horizontal by 270º vertical Butterfly-Beam™ pattern. Complete specifications for the Dynasty™ Integrated Power LED series can be found at or call 877-977-9778. Inquiries can also be directed to Avnet’s LightSpeed operation, the exclusive distributor for CAO’s Dynasty [email protected]. About CAO Group, Inc. CAO Group, Inc., under the direction of owner, president and CEO Dr. Densen Cao, PhD, offers design, integration and manufacturing of optoelectronic components, signage, and lighting products. This expertise is also utilized in end products for medical, dental, and forensic applications. Corporate headquarters, R & D and medical/dental manufacturing facilities are in West Jordan (Salt Lake City) UT. The company also owns low cost optoelectronic/electronic manufacturing facilities in China, which are ISO 9001 and TS 16949 certified.

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