Lighthouse screens at Hong Kong Sevens

April 27, 2007
Date Announced: 27 Apr 2007 The premier and longest standing Sevens meeting of the rugby calendar, the famousCathay Pacific/Credit Suisse Hong Kong Sevens, took place at Hong Kong Stadium from 30March to 1 April 2007 where the mighty Samoan team beat island rivals Fuji by 27-22. Forthe third year in succession, Lighthouse Technologies was the official LED screen supplierfor the event, providing its class-leading R16i/o-II 16mm LED screens in both the NorthStand of Hong Kong Stadium itself and the official Sevens Village.The Hong Kong stadium featured a 7 x 7 panels (7.11m width x 5.33m height) R16i/o-IIscreen; whilst 7 x 6 panels (7.11m width x 4.57m height) of R16i/o-II was positioned inthe Sevens Village, an area sited at the India Recreation Club in Happy Valley, adjacent tothe main stadium. The Sevens Village was the complimentary venue for the crowds torelax, purchase official merchandise, watch the live rugby and where fans who were unableto obtain tickets to the main ground gather to enjoy the actions. Both screens used theLighthouse LIP-KX for video display control. The sponsoring for the Sevens Village was originally, and continues to be, facilitated bythe UK company Show Time Media, which provides content for the Village screen. Keen forthe Hong Kong Rugby Football Union (HKRFU) to make the most of the opportunity theSevens Village presented to them for added entertainment, they approached Lighthouse toprovide a definitive solution to their display requirements. “The first year Lighthouse screens appeared was at the launch of the Sevens Village,introduced for the World Cup in 2005,” explained Show Time Media’s Scott Taylor,Commercial Director. “We were looking for a screen partner. As Lighthouse Technologiesis known to us as a manufacturer of high-end LED screens, and also has its head office inHong Kong, it is the perfect fit. We approached Mark Chan, Lighthouse’s managingdirector, who immediately saw the benefits of the alliance.”“We were very pleased to have the opportunity to be part of such a prestigious sportsevent,” added Mark Chan. “And our R16i/o-II screen is perfect for this type of applicationas it’s capable of displaying high quality images even in direct sunlight, which is essentialhere.”The screen in the stadium, a more recent addition as seen for the first time at last year’sHong Kong Sevens 30th Anniversary and following the success of the Village screen, wasprimarily used for content from the main sponsors, crowd shots and live rugby. The screenin the Sevens Village, which was in use from 7am to 11pm, hosts live-feed from the entiretournament in the stadium, as well as highlights from other matches and clips from BBCcomedy sketches during the day and Universal Music videos in the evening, when a partyatmosphere took over from the day’s sporting focus. The HKRFU promoted the Sevens Village through the Hong Kong Tourism Board and localpress as an additional free venue for fans during its first year. Its popularity has grown tosuch an extent in the intervening years that it is now a must-have, integral part of theSevens event.“The giant LED screens in the Sevens Village and in the Stadium have quickly become anintrinsic part of the Sevens experience both inside and outside of the ground,” saidWarrick Dent, Sevens and Commercial Manager of the HKRFU. “The screens supplied byLighthouse are state of the art, and this is combined with a first-class service. We are verypleased with the partnership we have formed,” Dent continued.“The team at Lighthouse are great people to work with and have a fantastic product,”concluded Taylor. “We immediately struck up a great relationship with them which we aresure will continue for many years to come.”

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