Quantum Leap Packaging unveils breakthrough in plastic hermetic packaging

April 3, 2007
Date Announced: 03 Apr 2007 Quantum Leap Packaging, Inc. (QLP) a leading provider of high performance, air cavity packages for semiconductor assembly today announced the availability of HermeTechTM, the industry's first hermetic plastic package that meets JEDEC standards. QLP is manufacturing HermeTechTM plastic air cavity QFNs that maintain hermetic leak rates of less than 5x10-8 atm cc/s He, and pass full Mil Spec reliability tests. Through a combination of its unique QuantechTM material technology, and innovative UltraSealTM ultrasonic lid process, QLP has developed HermeTechTM plastic hermetic QFNs that feature properties which can be tailored to meet specific needs, low moisture permeability and high temperature stability that enable true hermetic performance."We are pleased to offer HermeTechTM, the industry's first plastic hermetic package, which combines the hermetic performance and reliability of ceramic packages with the design flexibility and tailored material properties of QuantechTM to solve longstanding packaging problems." said David Grooms, CEO of Quantum Leap Packaging. "I see QLP's breakthrough technology leading the next generation of semiconductor packaging." Ideal for advanced packaging applications such as Image Sensors, HB-LEDs, MEMs, LDMOS and RF Microwave devices, QLP's HermeTechTM QFNs provide packaging solutions to critical needs, such as low stress packaging and improved thermal performance.Hermetic levels have never been achieved with organic materials. Traditional plastic packages such as epoxy transfer mold fail because of poor moisture absorption and other material issues such as stress and non-linear properties. Similarly, standard plastic air cavity packages have exposed leak paths at the lead frame-polymer interface and poor lid seal methods that fail to achieve hermetic performance.QLP’s proprietary material, QuantechTM, can be tailored to meet specific properties and performance requirements such as CTE, temperature stability, thermal conductivity and electrical performance. The combination of QLP's Quantech material technology, engineering design and proprietary processes enable QLP to successfully develop and manufacture HermeTechTM - the first plastic hermetic packaging in the semiconductor packaging industry.About Quantum Leap Packaging Inc.Quantum Leap Packaging, Inc. designs and manufactures high-performance hermetic and near-hermetic air cavity packages for applications such as Optical Electronics Systems, Image Sensors, HB-LEDs, MEMs, and High Power RF-Microwave assembly. Quantum Leap's revolutionary QuantechTM material system solves critical thermal, stress and reliability issues faced in semiconductor packaging.QLP developed HermeTechTM, the industry's first true plastic hermetic package, in a design and manufacturing breakthrough long sought by the industry. The breakthrough was made possible by the combination of QLP's innovative Quantech material, engineering design, and proprietary process technology.

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